Turning Trash into Treasure: The Rise of Profitable E-Waste Recycling

Chris Lawson March 25, 2024

Cheese to Gold: Unveiling the Discovery

In a surprising twist, researchers have uncovered a remarkable method for recovering gold from discarded electronics, boasting an impressive return on investment. Utilizing an unexpected ingredient sourced from the cheese-making process, scientists at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, have devised a sustainable and cost-effective approach to extracting gold from electronic waste or e-waste.

Raffaele Mezzenga, one of the researchers involved in the study, expressed his enthusiasm for the innovative process, noting the irony of using a food industry byproduct to obtain precious metals from electronic waste. The key ingredient? Whey, the watery portion of milk leftover during cheese production. By transforming this dairy waste into a matrix of protein amyloid fibrils, the researchers successfully developed a method to selectively remove gold from e-waste.

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