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#91 How the Chinese Government Targeted Hunter Biden | Christopher Balding

China systematically targeted Hunter Biden with business deals involving the Chinese state, intelligence, and even China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army. This is not the Hunter Biden laptop story from the NY Post! This is from a report based on publicly available documents that media have refused to cover. How much did Joe Biden know about Hunter Biden’s China deals? Economist and China expert Christopher Balding joins us on China Unscripted to discuss the report and its possible effects on US China relations and the US election 2020.


Love is a very vast, sea. It is deep and moving, and dotted with numerous islands. The Ancient Greeks gave these a lot of thought and named them Eros, Philia, Storge, Agape, Ludus, Pragma, and Philautia. Some of these are rather enticing and appear to float your boat quite nicely, for a while. But lingering too long at anyone, you realize soon you might have lost your bearings. Navigation is key, you proclaim as you weigh the anchor and note once more the distance between the stars and the horizon.


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#91 How the Chinese Government Targeted Hunter Biden | Christopher Balding

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