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New World Order Origins: Pirbright, Pilgrim’s Society, Rhodes Round Table Group

Ever wonder where the many global organizations and NGO’s get their backing to control societies? Ever feel it’s all planned and connected with no part being left out? Today we speak about a little known group that seemed to be at the #nexxus of the beginnings of what we now know as the #NewWorldOrder or Shadow Government, called the Pilgrim’s Society!


#87 China’s Growing Influence in America

Dr._Jill_Biden_Blows_a_Kiss_-_3219469044 News

Senate Committee Report Confirms Hunter Biden Used Dad’s Connections to Make Millions

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Biden Is Beijing’s Pick for U.S. President; Expect Dirty Election Tricks

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Harris Still Raising Money To Bail Out Domestic Abusers, Rape and Murder Suspects

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Topics for First Presidential Debate Are Announced

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Possible Republican Win in Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District

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House Democrats Want to Limit Supreme Court Terms — Through Legislation

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Trump Promotes American Revolution Over the Left’s Marxist Revolution

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Feinstein Fading: Senators Question Her Ability To Fight Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

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Seattle City Council Moves Forward With Plan To Gut Police Department

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Twitter: Tweeting “Burn Down Louisville” Does Not Violate Rules

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D.C. Church Sues Mayor Over “Selective Enforcement” of COVID Restrictions on Large Gatherings

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School Surveillance Expands Under Pretext of Fighting COVID-19

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Possible Republican Win in Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District

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Louisville Lynch Mob Riots After No Murder Charges Brought in Breonna Taylor Case

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Rittenhouse Defense Releases New Video That Clearly Proves Self Defense

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Trump Closes Gap on Biden in Florida; Now Leads by Four Points

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Communist Chinese Media Lauds “1619 Project”

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The Social-media Dilemma: Manipulation and Alteration of Society by Big Tech


RBG Was an “Intellectually Dishonest” Enemy of the Constitution — and More

China-Five-Finger-Image China Unscripted

#86 China’s “5-Fingers” Approach to Strangling India | Cleo Paskal

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