Yurok Tribe and National Park Service Forge Historic Partnership to Co-Manage California Redwoods

Chris Lawson March 29, 2024
Evan-Marie Petit, @evanmariepetit

Yurok Tribe Reclaims Stolen Land: A Historic Step Towards Co-Management of Redwood National Park

In a historic stride towards partnership and preservation, California's Yurok Tribe has forged an unprecedented agreement with the National Park Service. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a pivotal moment in conservation history, as the tribe steps into a role of co-management alongside the renowned Redwood national and state parks. Once stewards of these ancestral lands, the Yurok Tribe's return to the forefront of conservation represents a powerful testament to resilience and reconciliation. Join us as we delve into this landmark initiative, where tradition meets innovation, and where the guardianship of nature intertwines with the preservation of cultural heritage

After enduring the loss of 90% of their ancestral territory during the gold rush era, California's resilient Yurok Tribe is poised to reclaim a significant portion of their land. This momentous return, encompassing 125 acres, not only marks a symbolic victory for the tribe but also paves the way for a groundbreaking partnership with the National Park Service. With this historic memorandum of understanding, the Yurok Tribe is set to become the first Native American group to co-manage tribal land alongside the renowned Redwood national and state parks, welcoming over a million visitors annually. This collaboration, facilitated by the esteemed Save the Redwoods League, heralds a new era of stewardship and cultural preservation in one of America's most cherished natural treasures.

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