Woman Who Fed Her Husband Fish-tank Cleaner Was Democrat Donor, Had Serious Health, Financial Troubles

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Woman Who Fed Her Husband Fish-tank Cleaner Was Democrat Donor, Had Serious Health, Financial Troubles

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The woman who gave her husband fish-tank cleaner as a protective measure against the Chinese Virus, then blamed President Trump after the man died, isn’t just a pro-abortion Democrat who has donated to the party and Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential effort.

The transcript from a civil court case shows she has financial problems and myriad health issues and considered dumping her husband eight years ago.

In other words, something smells a little fishy about the woman’s tale of woe.

Blame Trump

The woman and her husband had not contracted the dreaded Asiatic flu when they ingested the chemical, which contains chloroquine phosphate, a parasite preventive for fish.

The woman told NBC that she and her husband feared contracting the Chinese Virus. “I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, ‘Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV.’”

No, it wasn’t the “stuff they’re talking about on TV.”

That stuff was chloroquine, an old anti-malarial drug that President Trump had said “might be one of the biggest game changers” in curing those who contract the Asian plague.

Anecdotal reports and some research suggest that combining the drug with azithromycin, an antibiotic, might cure COVID-19, the acronym for the viral malady.

The couple took the poison; the husband died.

“Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure,” the woman told NBC’s Vaughan Hillyard. “Don’t believe anything that the President says and his people … call your doctor.”

Fervid Democrat

The woman’s remarks unleashed the usual Two Minutes Hate against Trump, but in any event, the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman found out who the unidentified woman is and examined her political background.

“The woman’s most recent donations, in late February, were to a Democratic PAC, the 314 Action Fund, that bills itself as the ‘pro-science resistance’ and has vocally criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and held up her case to slam the White House,” Goodman reported:

Federal Election Commission records show that Wanda has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic electoral groups and candidates over the past two years, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and EMILY’s List, a group that aims to elect pro-choice female candidates.

The woman told Goodman the couple were Democrats who didn’t support Trump, but believed the toxic substance might be a cure because they saw the president “on TV — every channel — and all of his buddies and that this was safe. Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

“We didn’t think it would kill us,” she told Goodman. “We thought if anything it would help us ’cus that’s what we’ve been hearing on the news.”

The woman also said her husband was “my whole life.”

Court Transcript

Maybe, but an undated transcript from a civil court case suggests something else might have been afoot.

The anonymous lawyer “Techno Frog,” who boasts 146,500 followers on Twitter, tweeted excerpts from the transcript that show the woman had serious mental and physical health problems and took multiple medications. As well, the couple had money troubles.

She suffered from anxiety and depression, had anger issues, and might have been an alcoholic. The woman denied being a drinker.

The woman takes Florinef and hydrocortisone, which are steroids, along with midodrine, which treats low blood pressure. “I have adrenal gland failure,” she said, “and steroids and heart medicine are keeping me functioning.”

As well, the woman admitted, “I am on three sleeping pills at night so that I don’t have nightmares and so that I can sleep.” Those pills are Ambien, Valium, and melatonin.

“I do have nightmares unless I am medicated,” she said. “Every night. And sometimes even then. But then they just tell me to increase my meds.”

The woman’s car being towed, she admitted, occasioned “an actual physical, mental meltdown,” she said. “I went nuts.”

The woman also testified that she told her doctor she wanted a divorce.

“Did you tell your doctor in 2012 — August of 2012 — that you wanted a divorce?” the lawyer asked.

“Probably,” she replied, “I’m furious all the time.”

And, she admitted, “we’re broke because of my medical situation.”

Concluded Techno Frog, “finances, marital problems, anger issues, depression.”

These raise SIGNIFICANT questions when a spouse kills the other (taking this stuff was her idea).

A curious media would get the 911 call and see if there was an autopsy.

She told NBC’s Hillyard, Techno Frog observed, that she and her husband each consumed a teaspoon of the poison, and that he died in the Emergency Room.

She lived.


R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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