Why Are People Moving Out of Blue States for Red States? Exclusive with Paul Chabot

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There’s been a mass exodus of people leaving blue states for red states in recent years. Today we speak to a long-time Californian who moved his whole family to North Texas. Once there, he started a business helping other families move out of blue states for greener pastures.

Today’s Guest:

We wanted to raise our children in a good state, a good community where we had good schools, good paying jobs, and safe streets. And California no longer has those qualities, for the most part. — Paul Chabot

Why Are People Leaving California?

When did you start to see a change in California? What do you think triggered this change?

Paul Chabot: I lay the blame squarely on the liberals in California for destroying what is a very beautiful state. The only part that’s left intact is the coast, the coastal regions from San Francisco down to San Diego. But that’s largely where your wealthy coastal liberal elites live. And they are ignoring the inland population of the state, where you now have, largely, working poor. Many people are on welfare and are unable to make a living or have the American Dream.

Earlier, you said the Democratic Party in California is dead and now there are only radical liberals; could you explain that?

Paul Chabot: The problem is the liberals in California are controlled largely by these radical extremist organizations that push these environmental cap-and-trade laws that will increase gas taxes now by about 70 cents per gallon in the coming years, increase the utilities by 10 to 20 percent. And so that makes it difficult for a mom and a dad to be able to earn a living and have a good life. But on top of that, crime is completely out of control throughout California. Property crime and violent crime is up.

The Texas Dream

What did you discover when you moved to Texas?

Texas Flag -- America DailyPaul Chabot: North Texas is like living in a dream. You feel like you’ve gone back in time to a place where people are people and families can be families. The schools here are amazing. You don’t see gangs, you don’t see crime and drugs and all that sort of explosive, violent nature that you see in California. My kids, when they go to school, they all have their own lockers, but they’re not allowed to put locks on their lockers. That’s unheard of in California now. Kids don’t have lockers and, if they do have lockers, you’ve got a lock on them because of all the drugs and things that are going on. In California, one out of every five kids in the public schools are using illegal drugs.

Is anyone moving back to California?

Paul Chabot: No, I have not heard of anyone moving back; however, I think California is a great state if you’re young and single. If you’re young and single and living on the coast and want to go to the beach and the mountains, it’s great. But once you get a family, once you have kids, once you have a mortgage, once you start paying taxes in California, you start to look at life differently.

No matter what political party you are, if we all look at life through the lens of being a parent, what kind of community do we want to see our children raised in, I think we will find a lot of common ground in fixing the problems that I believe many of us share and deeply care about.– Paul Chabot

Advice for Californians

What is your advice to Californians who are still living there?

Paul Chabot: My advice to my fellow Californians is two things: you’ve either got to stay to change it for the better, not for yourself, but for your children’s sake, or you need to get out. There’s either one or the other. But to my fellow Californians, if you just sit there and let things continue the way that they do, it’s going to continue to harm kids.


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