Violent Protesters Erupt in Minneapolis After Murder Suspect Commits Suicide, Protesters Blame Police for his Death

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Violent Protesters Erupt in Minneapolis After Murder Suspect Commits Suicide, Protesters Blame Police for his Death

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Protesters seem to be looking for any reason to engage in violent riots, as the suicide of a black murder suspect in the Democratic-controlled Minneapolis has inexplicably prompted riots and looting yet again in an area that has already been ravaged by violent protests.

The suspect was believed to have been involved in a fatal shooting earlier in the day in a parking garage, the New York Post reports. According to police, three people got into a fight that ultimately ended with the suspect shooting another man. The suspect later killed himself just before he could be apprehended by police.

Rumors that the man was shot and killed by police officers quickly circulated, and on cue, rioters began looting the Nicollet Mall as terrified onlookers captured the scene on video. Other video footage shows looters targeting a local liquor store and a Medical Arts building. A number of area pubs were also targeted in the attacks, as well as Target and Saks Off Fifth. Several restaurants, including Starbucks, and retail stores were targeted. Several fires had been started by the protesters.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo estimated the crowd to have been around 500 people at its peak. reports a police officer was injured by a thrown object.

In response to the erroneous claims that the suspect was killed by police officers, law-enforcement officials released a graphic video of what actually happended in an effort to debunk the rumors and quell the violence. The video shows the suspect turning his gun on himself as police arrive on the scene.

“This evening, a murder suspect committed suicide as police approached them at 8th & Nicollet,” police wrote about 90 minutes after the suspect’s death. “No officer weapons were fired. This is a tragedy for our community that is still hurting. Our condolences go to the families of the victims.”

The video shows the suspect with a backpack standing outside of a building with his back to the camera. He shoots himself just before officers rushing toward him appear within the view of the camera. (Article continues after video.)

But even after the release of the video, the rioting continued, the New York Post reports. Reports of shots fired, fireworks deployed, and objects being thrown continued well into the night, with police clearing out looters from area bars shortly before midnight.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports one man attmpted to calm the crowd by shouting into a megaphone, “We have the video. The man killed himself.”

And still, the crowd alleged police violence when asked why they were out protesting.

“They keep killing us,” one protester told the Star Tribune. “Every day of my life I wake up and I’ve got to fear for my life.”

And of course, even if the suspect was killed by the police, there is no justification for violence and destruction against businesses and individuals that have nothing to do with the man’s death. Likewise, not every in-custody police death warrants massive backlash. There are extenuating circumstances that justify the use of force, and these situations should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Law-enforcement officials worked to quell the violence, but unfortunately not soon enough to prevent some of the destruction.

“We’ve got cops from all over the Twin Cities coming out here to maintain order because the citizens of Minneapolis and Hennepin County deserve to feel safe,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson. “The people causing problems are going to go to jail tonight.”

Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, was forced to mobilize the Minnesota National Guard. reports the governor directed approximately 150 Minnesota State Patrol troopers to provide support.

At least 15 people were arrested for riot and burglary.

Walz called for an end to the “lawlessness” following the outburst of violence.

“Minneapolis, it’s time to heal,” Walz tweeted. “We must rebuild and recover. Dangerous, unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. The State Patrol is headed to Minneapolis to help restore order. I remain in close contact with the city, and every state resource stands ready to help bring peace.”

In response to Walz’s statement, Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey thanked the governor and asserted, “Destruction will not be tolerated. Healing our city will require peace and all of us working together.”

Frey had also requested the National Guard and announced the city was implementing a curfew.

As noted by the Daily Wire, the violence in Minneapolis came just a few months after the violent protests following the in-custody death of George Floyd, which caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage.


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