German Expert Exposes Danger of “Green” Policies, “Religion”

MADRID — In this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman at the United Nations COP25 climate summit, Wolfgang Muller of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) explains the enormous harm unleashed on Germany as a result of the German government’s “green” policies. He also explains that the man-made global-warming hypothesis, now known as “climate change” or even “climate emergency,” has not been properly debated — much less proven. Instead, ANTIFA terrorists make threats to shut down all debate, as the “green” movement became a “religion” with “dogma” that cannot be questioned.


60 Minutes on Epstein “Suicide”: Baden Says Noose Doesn’t Match Wound on Neck

Jeffrey Epstein, who supposedly hanged himself in his jail cell while under federal indictment for sex trafficking, paid fellow inmates for protection, CBS’s 60 Minutes reported Sunday night, and the noose with which he supposedly hanged himself doesn’t match the marks on his neck.

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FBI Fusion centers & Fisa Abuse: What all Americans need to know

What are the next steps in the Impeachment trial of President Trump? Who is the NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart? Why is the mainstream media ignoring her claims? Also, China and Russia could start to control your internet use.


Red China More Dangerous than the Soviet Union – VIDEO

The New American’s Christian Gomez interviews Chapman Chen, founder and CEO of Hong Kong Bilingual News, about the Trump Administration and Xi Jinping reaching “Phase One” of a prospective U.S.-China Trade Agreement and how the Chinese Communist Party regime is likely to break its word and the terms of any agreement it reaches with the U.S.


How the liberal Left took over Washington DC!

Today we learn about how the #FBI, #DOJ, & the #CIA run due to the overwhelming Leftist liberal government that has been running Washington DC since Jimmy Carter’s presidency! Here is our part two interview with former CIA Intelligence Officer Brad Johnson.


FISA Whistleblower that’s missing from the News

Brad Johnson talks with us today about the hidden FBI Infrastructure that allowed FISA Abuse. Brad Johnson is the President- Americans for Intelligence Reform.