Video Interview with 2020 Presidential hopeful Ami Horowitz

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz joined the long list of 2020 Democratic primary hopefuls in May. He said he hopes to “bring some sanity” to the …


World Falun Dafa Day

Every year on May 13th, Falun Dafa practitioners from around the world gather to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. #FalunDafa, also called #FalunGong, is a …

Keyshawn Whitehorse wins the Rookie of the Year during the fifth round of the World Finals PBR 25th anniversary Unleash the Beast. Photo credit must be given on all use; Photo by Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

What does it take to be a World class Bull Rider in the PBR?

What does it take to be a world class bull rider in the PBR? All season long the bull riders compete in different events like …


Late Qing Dynasty politician Lin Zexu and his motto-10 Useless Things People Do

Late Qing Dynasty politician Lin Zexu and his motto–10 Useless Things People D

Statue of Lao Tzu in Quanzhou

When Something Is Meant To Be Lao Tzu said

When Something Is Meant To Be Lao Tzu said: “When one has no intention of fighting, No one will fight him. A wise person knows when to retreat. They position their power at the most appropriate place.”

10/11/1986 Trip to Iceland Reykjavik Summit Arrival of General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev at Hofdi House

How President Reagan Successfully Fought Communism! E.5

President Reagan had deep knowledge of communist tactics and low morals through his former work. He was not afraid to take a stance and fight back.

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