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Calling crematoriums, Pangolins, & Chinese Doctors reveal numbers they see!

Are the crematoriums in Wuhan really running full tilt? Did China just find the intermediate host animal for the Novel Coronavirus? All that & more on today’s Birds Eye View!


Coronavirus: RO stats, How Boosting the immune system works

Today we speak about the RO Factor, real-time updates, and the rate of infections. Plus, how boosting your immune system can help if you beat the Coronavirus.

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Points of Control: Scalar Waves & Mind Control

Welcome back to the Points of Control series! Today we speak about the big topic of Mind Control. If things are controlling us in society at large, then we need to explore how Mind Control works so that the following episodes will better explain these phenomena. Things are really more connected than we know and by looking at the bigger picture we can start to piece things together.


Swamp Monsters in the Bureaucracy | Behind The Deep State – VIDEO

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman digs into the “Deep State” operating within the federal bureaucracy. These operatives, especially in the Senior Executive Service, are working to undermine the U.S. Constitution, persecute enemies, wage war on Trump, and continue America’s decline into statism and globalism. They love Hillary Clinton and total federal power. And they have powerful tools at their disposal to destroy those who stand in their way.


Deep State Insider Spills the Beans! | Behind the Deep State – VIDEO

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman highlights the explosive revelations of Professor Carroll Quigley, a mentor to Bill Clinton. Among other things, Quigley exposed the fact that a secret network that operates much like the right believes communists operate has been playing an enormous but hidden role in world affairs. This “Roundtable Group,” which seeks a global feudalist system that it controls, operates through front groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs. Alex discusses the Quigley books “Tragedy and Hope,” and “The Anglo-American Establishment.”


Points of Control: Sound, Frequency, & the Human Body

Today we are going to start our series called Points of Control where we will cover different things happening in society that are controlling people. Today we will be talking about Sound, Frequency, & the Human Body. Joining me today is my guest host Nicole who is a fellow researcher on this topic.