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Van Jones: We Need a National Moratorium on “Nighttime Marches”

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Are Democrats genuinely concerned about the well-being of Americans, or is polling telling them that they’ll be in trouble come November unless they cut back on the anarchy?

Marxist commentator Van Jones said on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday that America needs a “national moratorium” on “nighttime marches,” arguing that riots and violence around the country are playing to President Trump’s “advantage” in the 2020 presidential election by distracting Americans from the “Trump economy and the mishandling of the virus.”

Jones admitted that agitators on the political left have been guilty of engaging in violence, though he claimed it has occurred on both sides and described the president as failing to address alleged police violence and “vigilante violence”

Said Jones, who served as President Barack Obama’s special advisor for green jobs in 2009:

This campaign is going well for Donald Trump because we’re not talking about the economic devastation that people are experiencing or the virus really.

I think it’s time for us to recognize we are in a very perilous situation if you want to see a change in November. We have two social movements — both have edges of violence to them, one on the left, one on the right. I think it’s baked in that Donald Trump is not going to challenge very strongly the police violence or the vigilante violence, and people, frankly, are comfortable with that. The question is, how are Democrats and progressives going to deal with the violence in our own movement?

“We need a national moratorium on these nighttime marches,” added Jones, suggesting that Biden can steer his movement in a “better direction.”

He went on to assert that progressives can “begin to push down on the violence in our movement and then turn it back toward the people who are actually suffering.”

For the CNN talking head, the Left would do better by highlighting President Trump’s supposed failures in dealing with the coronavirus.

“There have been a couple of hundred businesses that have been hurt by arsonists. There have been thousands that have been destroyed by mishandling this virus,” Jones said, arguing that “literally millions of people who are suffering from the Trump economy.”

Jones’ call for an end to the violence is laudable, as is his recognition that his side is responsible for it. After all, there are many on the Left, including sitting Democratic members of Congress, who still deny that Antifa even exists.

Nevertheless, there are a number of issues with Jones’ remarks.

First, it isn’t “nighttime marches” that are the problem. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a nighttime march, and they fit within the protection of the First Amendment so long as they remain peaceful.

Rather, it’s nighttime riots that are the problem. Any laws against rioting are already universally on the books. The problem is the leaders in Democrat-run cities who refuse to uphold the law, letting rioters roam free causing mayhem at night until the area becomes a literal war zone.

Look no further than Portland, where the violence has not stopped for a single night since the death of George Floyd over three months ago.

The lawlessness in liberal towns only continues because of politicians too cowardly or sympathetic to the Marxists to use the force necessary to restore peace.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, which was enveloped in rioting after the shooting of Jacob Blake, peace has returned after the National Guard got involved. The same could happen in other major urban areas if leadership had the will to act decisively.

Moreover, Jones continues to speak negatively of the “Trump economy,” even though the economy was soaring and unemployment was at historically low levels under President Trump prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. And it wasn’t the virus itself or anything the president did that caused the economy to tank, people to lose their jobs, and businesses to go bankrupt.

Rather, it was state and local governments who tyrannically decided to shut down businesses and force everyone to stay inside their homes. And these restrictive measures remain in effect to varying degrees around the country, even though the Centers for Disease Control has already come out and said what patriots knew all along: The virus is nowhere near as deadly as the establishment has long wanted us to believe.

As revealed in the last few days, less than 10,000 Americans have actually died from COVID-19 alone, making this “pandemic” less deadly than the flu.

If Van Jones really wants to make a difference, he should use his platform to call on governors to let Americans get back to work.

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