Utah Grade School Kids Luv China’s Communist Dictator

Utah Grade School Kids Luv China’s Communist Dictator

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“US 4th-graders proud to be pen pals with Xi,” declares a headline accompanying a photo of four smiling students from Utah holding aloft a large heart-shaped poster (shown here) they had decorated for Xi Jinping.

The story comes courtesy of China Daily, a leading fount of Communist Party propaganda and disinformation for the Peoples Republic of China.

“Fifty fourth-graders from Cascade Elementary School in Orem, Utah, in the western United States, said they were elated when President Xi Jinping replied recently to the Happy Chinese New Year cards they sent him,” China Daily  reported on March 5. “’Cool! I can invite President Xi to eat doughnuts if he visits Utah,’ said Sarah, 9, while some of her classmates said they’d rather invite him to some of the state’s renowned slopes to enjoy some snow-skiing.”

As part of their “Chinese Immersion” experience, the students created the heart-shaped card to show their support for Xi in leading China’s government in its supposedly heroic battle against the coronavirus. “‘We are so proud. It’s big news here,’ said Marci Nichols, a Cascade Elementary School office secretary,” the Chinese paper reported. “The idea of writing to the Chinese president came from those students and was supported by their Mandarin teacher, Zheng Yamin, who also gives lectures on Chinese culture and festivals at the Salt Lake City Public Library in Utah’s capital.”

Did the grade school kids really come up with the idea on their own, with no prompting whatsoever from their Chinese programmer (er, teacher), Ms. Yamin? Well, it appears the Chinese Daily censors may have missed an “error” that points to at least a little prompting.

“She [Zheng Yamin] suggested they become pen pals with people in China as a way to apply their Chinese language skills to real-life situations, an idea they embraced,” the story reported, before claiming she was totally surprised when they picked the communist dictator. It is probably safe to assume that Yamin has never described her Paramount Leader Xi Zinping as the totalitarian dictator that he is.

“I was very surprised when the kids suggested writing ‘to someone really important’, like President Xi!” she said, according to China Daily. The article notes that the children wrote Chinese New Year greeting cards to Xi in Chinese, “telling him about their Chinese language studies and personal hobbies, and expressed their love for Chinese culture and their hope for a chance to visit China.”

“Everyone was astonished when Xi wrote back,” China Daily reported. And what did the Great One say to the awestruck American kids? “Dear Boys and Girls,” his letter said. “I am so happy to get the lovely cards from you on Chinese New Year. I have read them all. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts.” Moreover, he thrilled them with the possibility that he may come to Utah some day to visit them. “I’ve been to the US multiple times, but not yet to Utah. I hope there will be an opportunity for me to be there and, if so, to visit you all in person,” Xi’s letter said.

“It’s an amazing thing for our students to get a personal letter from the president of China,” Principal Darrin Johnson said. “President Xi said he hopes to visit us here one day, but we also hope to follow up with a visit by our students to China next year so they can see for themselves how interesting and beautiful China is…. I think it’s a great honor. The Chinese president is incredibly busy, running a country and dealing with the new coronavirus.”

Yes, how absolutely wonderful and saintly of President Xi, in the midst of his incredibly busy schedule — censoring the Internet; persecuting Christians, Muslims, Falun Gong, and political dissidents; destroying churches; bullying and threatening Hong Kong; harvesting organs from dissidents; torturing and executing opponents, etc. — to take time to write to Utah’s little ones.

Does Johnson truly believe that Xi Jinping, the new Butcher of Beijing, actually penned the syrupy screed attributed to him, or that he will really be a “pen pal” of the Cascade students? If so, he undoubtedly believes everything else he reads in China Daily, which, like all other media in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), is totally and rigidly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Central Propaganda Department.

In the CCP-controlled Chinese media, Xi Jinping is the new Mao Tse-tung, China’s infamous mass-murdering dictator who is still worshipped by the Communist Party faithful. Mao’s “cult of personality,” which included plastering his visage on buildings and giant posters everywhere, has been resurrected in Xi, accompanied by daily propaganda stories extolling his alleged virtues, sacrifices, and accomplishments. China Daily features a front-page section titled “Xi’s Moments completely dedicated to hagiographic propaganda that shamelessly glorifies the leader of the CCP thugocracy.

From the China Daily article, we learn that Cascade Elementary “was one of the first schools in Utah to offer a Chinese immersion program, which involves more than half its students. The state’s Chinese immersion program began in 2009 and is now available in 76 elementary and secondary schools.” The article goes on to note, “The program starts with first-graders at about age 6 and runs all the way through high school seniors, who usually are 18 years old when they graduate.”

After 10 years of immersion, the Chinese propaganda/penetration operation has definitely had an impact, and critics of the program at the time it was initiated may validly claim to be vindicated. In typical media fashion, Utah’s Daily Herald reported glowingly on August 10, 2010, on the launch of the Chinese immersion program. The Herald story featured quotes from parents and children who were excited about this new opportunity. Sandy Talbot, the Utah State Chinese Immersion program director, and Doug Finch, who was then the principal at Cascade, were enthused about the wonders of the program, as well as the Chinese immersion summer camp. And the duo assured the members of the community who were suspicious of the program that there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

“On the flip side,” noted the Herald story, “both Finch and Talbot recognize they may have some residents that are not so excited about the program as they are, particularly in the realms of global government, culture, etc. To ease some concerns, Talbot said the children will not be doing things like saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Chinese. Their Chinese history understanding will come through tidbits in the literacy part of the program.”

“‘They will be true blue Americans,’ Talbot said. ‘They will be proud to be global Americans.’ She added that when the children reach fourth grade, all of the American history and other things that are part of our core curriculum will be taught in English just like every other fourth-grade class.”

Talbot did not explain in the Herald article what she meant by “global Americans,” but it is reasonable to question whether children subjected to a 12-year “Chinese immersion” indoctrination by teachers from (and/or sympathetic to) the totalitarian Beijing regime will be “true blue Americans.” (Cascade’s Chinese Immersion teachers are listed here.)

Our education system is already tilted so far to the left that radical teachers have no trouble emptying classrooms and enlisting millions of kids to march for environmental causes, gun control, Medicare for All, and other “crisis” issues. Along with media-anointed idol Greta Thunberg, the youngsters scream “How dare you!” at President Trump because he resists the UN’s draconian Paris Climate Deal, while at the same time they praise Xi Jinping as a climate hero, even though his communist regime is far and away the planet’s biggest polluter — in virtually all categories of pollution.

The Chinese Immersion program for the schools coincided with a larger political agenda aimed at firmly wedding the Beehive State with Communist China. Globalists in both the Democrat and Republican parties have fostered this merger nationwide for decades, but Utah received a special boost in 2011 when Republican Governor Gary Herbert hosted the National Governors Association’s (NGA) first U.S.-China Governors Forum in Salt Lake City. (See here and articles linked below.)

This magazine was virtually alone in covering the NGA Forum in Salt Lake City and in exposing the dangerous political, financial, business, educational, and cultural mergers that were being promoted and the existential security disasters that inevitably would follow the consummation of any of these grand-sounding proposals. The coronavirus is but the latest blow to the decades-long euphoria over expanding U.S.-China relations. But, as the China Daily story about Cascade Elementary School demonstrates, China — with the help of “global Americans” in education, business, and politics — has infected us with a much more deadly virus than COVID-19.

William F. Jasper has a well-earned reputation as one of America’s top investigative reporters and has attended several international conferences hosted by the United Nations. He is most known for his work on the Oklahoma City bombing and its aftermath.

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