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Trump’s Nine Strategies to Strike the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): (3) Military Warfare

Part 3

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Trump’s Nine Strategies to Strike the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): (3) Military Warfare

Following Reagan’s military policy principle, Trump promotes a strong military policy, expanding the recruitment of the three armed forces, upgrading military equipment, improving the treatment of military personnel, strengthening care for veterans, which recovers the US military active force to 1.28 million and the reserve force to 800,000.

Trump vows to build the finest army in American history.

Trump also shows the world the U.S.’s excellent military combat force by counter-terrorism action targeted at Islamic State Terrorism Organization (ISIS), punishing the Assad regime for raiding civilians with poison gas, etc., deterring rogue regimes and terrorists that pose threat to the U.S.

In August 2018, Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.

In addition to strengthening support for Taiwan, it further deepens attention to CCP’s military development in the South China Sea and bans CCP from participating in 26 countries’ “Pacific Rim Military Exercise”.

Other than that, Trump shows great foresight to the future military development.

He announced establishing a “Space Force” by 2020 to confront CCP’s and Russia’s space military threat.

The U.S. has recently pointed out that the Chinese military is suspected of buying Russian armaments which violated the U.S.’s sanction order against Russia.

The U.S. announced a sanction against CCP’s Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department and its Minister Shangfu Li.

This action can be taken as U.S’s side military warfare against the CCP.


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