Trump Speaks at The faith & Freedom Coalition 2019 in Washington DC

Trump Speaks at The Faith & Freedom Coalition 2019 in Washington DC

June 26, 2019

By Pat Smiles

On June 26 in Washington DC, President Trump spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition 2019. This was mostly a conservative Christian audience as well as other Congressman, officials and of course the media.  

During his speech the President commented,

“ The radical left offers a vision of socialism, censorship, higher taxes and late-term abortions.”  Trump told the audience. “We’re fighting for the American dream and with you, we will prosper.”

is the sixth time for Donald Trump to speak to the Coalition and the second time as President.  He referred to the coalition as the largest faith-based get-out-the-vote group in the country.

The President cited his administration’s steps to cut federal spending for fetal tissue research as well as other anti-abortion efforts and policies. The crowd offered lots of enthusiastic applause and  a heartfelt prayer from a Catholic Nun from Africa named Sister Rose who dedicated her prayer for the innocent babies that have been murdered across the world. 

One speaker was a young millennial woman named Natalie Harp who credited the “Right to Try Act” in helping save her in her battle against cancer. In her very spirited appearance she likened her story to ‘The Good Samaritan’ likening herself to the poor Samaritan left on the side of the road. 

In 2015 a nurse accidentally mixed up Harp’s IV with a sample of sterile water which nearly killed her. She was offered opioids, medical marijuana and then even given information on ‘The Right to Die Policies’. After failing two rounds of chemotherapy and being rejected from clinical trials, Harp was forced to just have to wait for medical practices to catch up with her disease.

When President Trump signed the ‘Right to Try Act’ last year, she was finally permitted to explore experimental treatment opportunities. She stood before the audience and said.

“ I’m walking. I’m healthy. I am living the quality of life that I always wanted to have.”