Trump Signs Executive Order on HealthCare  Price Transparency

Trump Signs Executive Order on HealthCare  Price Transparency

June 26, 2019

By Pat Smiles

On June 24, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that will require hospitals and healthcare facilities to disclose the costs of their health care services.

The order directs the Department of health and services to issue a new rule rule that mandates hospitals to reveal the price of procedures.  Now healthcare providers will need to tell their patients up front what their out-of-pocket expenses will be.

The President called up a young woman named Erica Jay, a young woman who was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer three and a half years ago. She told the audience that while seeking the urgent medical care she needed, the prices varied dramatically between different facilities.

The high prices for her medical treatments cost her and her family a lot of financial hardship. One time she compared the cost for a treatment she needed between two different facilities which were located only 17 miles apart.

The cost for the medical procedure at one location ended up being 300 percent higher than the other and it was for the exact same identical procedure.

She thanked the President and said through the Price Transparency Act many families will now be able to save 100’s of thousands of dollars and get needed care.

Here is some of what the President  had to say from PBS NewsHour;