Toxic Jade Jewelry from China Can Kill

Toxic Jade Jewelry from China Can Kill

You spent a lot of money on this beautiful piece of precious stone, but did you know that toxins within jade jewelry can kill you? While you wear it, the jade releases poisonous elements, namely radioactive carcinogens, into your skin and body.

Below is the process of how jade is often manufactured in China. Manufacturers do it to make cheaper jade look more expensive.

The raw, low quality jade. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

The jade is soaked in a chemical solution containing strong acid and a large quantity of radioactive elements for half a month. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

A worker adds artificial colors and veins. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

The jewelry is next put into a vacuum high-pressured plastic infusion machine where more toxic chemicals are added. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

The infusion process can last several days. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

The semi-finished product is a bluish hue. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

The finished products on display at a retailer. These pieces are priced between 70,000 and 80,000 RMB ($US10,000 and $US12,000). (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)


Can you be sure that the jade you are wearing is not made using this method? No one can fully guarantee this is not the case, even if purchased from a high-end retailer.

Perhaps in China, some people are so unscrupulous that they can turn any trash into treasure. They do it for money, without any care for the consequence for the buyers.

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