Top News Headlines-Sept 26, 2019

Top News Headlines-Sept 26, 2019


HHS Secretary Tells UN General Assembly: ‘There Is No International Right To An Abortion’  

At the United Nations General Assembly being held in New York, Secretary of Health Alex Azar,  told the gathered nations on Monday, that abortion is not an international right.  He condemned the use of “ambiguous terms and expressions such as ‘ sexual and reproductive rights’ used in UN documents”  Azar said further,” There is no international right to an abortion and these terms should not be used to promote pro-abortion policies and measures.”The Health Secretary  further stressed that the terms must always include language reminding U.N. agencies that, “ each nation has the sovereign right to implement related programs and activities consistent with their laws and policies, and that these terms in no way imply that there is an international right to abortion.” As of now, 21 countries have signed the joint statement.  This reported by an HHS spokeswoman to The Daily Caller.

Pakistan Earthquake Kills at Least 22  

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake that damaged homes and buildings and cracked roads hit Tuesday in Pakistan -administered Kashmir.  At least 22 people were killed and more than 700 people have been injured, the Associated Press reported.  Most of the dead have been women and children commented Mushtaf Minhas, the information minister for the region.  The quake struck at 4:01 pm local time. The epicenter was about 2 miles southeast of the Mirpur district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This was according to reports from the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake was felt across much of northern Pakistan.Minhas told AP, “ We are supplying tents, food and other essential items to earthquake-affected people.We are facing tragedy but we will try our best to ensure the rehabilitation of affected people as soon as possible.” An AP reporter said he saw doctors treating quake victims at open areas outside the main government-run hospital because of a shortage of beds.  Azad Jammu and Kashmir is the western portion of the Kashmir region, a disputed area claimed by Pakistan and India.

President Trump Reacts to House Launching Impeachment Inquiry  

On September 24, the House of Representatives made an announcement that they have formally launched an impeachment inquiry into the President.  The President has now accused the House Democrats of pursuing another ‘witch hunt’.  President Trump said on Twitter, “ Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage.  So bad for our country!”Earlier in the day, the President announced that he has authorized the release of’ a  fully declassified and unredacted transcript’ of the phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. “ You will see it was a  very friendly and totally appropriate call.  No pressure and unlike Joe Biden  and his son, NO quid pro quo!” Trump wrote on Twitter.  The Ukrainian government has denied the reports that Trump had engaged in improper conduct during the call.One of the many responses from the GOP and the Trump administration was from Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager who commented that because the Democrats can’t beat Trump on his policies they have to use different tactics.

He said, “ They’re trying to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem.  The misguided Democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease their rabid, extreme, leftist base, but will only serve to embolden and energize President Trump’s supporters.”

Rep. Mark Meadows said on Twitter, “ So we are all clear what’s happening;  House Democrats are supposedly beginning an impeachment inquiry and building it on an anonymous secondhand complaint they haven’t seen… which describes a call transcript that they haven’t read.   You can’t make it up.”

President Trump Approval Rating Jumps to 53 Percent: Rasmussen Poll 

According to a new poll conducted by Rassmussen on Sept 24, 53 % of likely voters approve of the job Trump is doing, while 45% disapprove.  The last poll where the President got a 53% approval rating was on April 9.This new poll comes as House Democrats have escalated pressure on the party leadership to initiate impeachment proceedings.  The calls for impeachment from the Democrats heightened and escalated after the President’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was placed under scrutiny.Rasmussen’s daily tracking results are collected from telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night as well as an online survey tool. The data is reported on a three-day rolling average basis.  According to RealClearPolitics,  the average of Trump’s job approval rate across all major national surveys is 45.3 %, while his disapproval rate is 52.1 % as of September 24th. 

Today’s quote is from Robert Frost

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