Top News Headlines- Sept 20, 2019

Top News Headlines- Sept 20, 2019

Border Agents Arrest A, zona Driver After 31 Illegal Immigrants Found in Tractor-Trailer 

On September 17, an Arizona man was arrested by U.S. Border Protection on charges of human smuggling after CBP found 31 illegal immigrants from Mexico in his tractor-trailer. The agents assigned to the Interstate 19 checkpoint near Amado, found the concealed Mexican nationals after a Border Patrol dog alerted them that something wasn’t right.  The Mexican nationals ranged in age from 15 to 40 years old.

The agents then referred the 2008 Freightliner for a secondary inspection which then revealed the hidden individuals in the trailer.  They were all found to be in the country illegally.  The driver of the truck is a 40-year-old U.S. citizen. His name has not been released.  He was arrested on charges of human smuggling.  He is a resident of Nogales, Arizona according to the CBP report.  The Mexican illegals are set to be processed for immigration violations.

In May of 2019 Border Patrol agents caught the largest group of illegal immigrants ever to be intercepted at one time.  The interception was carried out in New Mexico on April 30. Where 424 illegal immigrants were apprehended just after midnight in Sunland Park, NM. The second group of 230 illegals was also apprehended in Antelope Wells, New Mexico for a total of 654 individuals.


Trump names Hostage Envoy, Robert O’Brien as National Security Advisor

President Trump announced Wednesday that he is naming Robert O’Brien as his next National Security Advisor.  O’Brien is currently the envoy for hostage negotiations.  The President Tweeted “ I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien currently serving as a very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department as our new National Security Advisor.  I have worked long and hard with Robert. He will do a great job!”

O’Brien will be replacing John Bolton who was fired last week by President Trump for failing to align with the administration’s agenda on North Korea and Venezuela. O’Brien will be Trump’s fourth National Security Advisor.  He follows Michael Flynn, H.R. McMaster and now John Bolton.

O’Brien is stepping in at a very challenging time as the President is facing escalating tensions in Iran,  stalled negotiations on denuclearization in North Korea, a worsening situation in Venezuela and other global issues.


Democratic Mega-donor, Ed Buck Charged with Allegedly Operating a Drug Den, Nearly Killing a Man with a Meth injection

Democrat mega-donor and activist Ed Buck was arrested on Tuesday and charged with operating a drug den out of his home in West Hollywood.  He was also charged for administering methamphetamine to a man who almost died from an overdose.  The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office accused Buck of injecting a 37 yr old man with the drug at his home on Sept 4 and Sept 11 which nearly caused him to overdose on both occasions.

Buck, 65. has also been charged with three counts of battery inflicting serious bodily injury, the sale, and transportation of a controlled substance and maintaining a place for the sale or use of a controlled substance.  Buck’s latest victim was lucky as he did not die but there are at least two other men who died due to overdoses at Buck’s home. Buck was not charged in either of the two deaths.  LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a recent court filing that the three cases show that Buck is a ‘violent and dangerous sexual predator’.

Ed Buck has donated large amounts of money to Congressional Democrats and to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Some of his biggest congressional benefactors have been Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Calif. Reps. Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff.  All of the ones mentioned have now made big donations to charities in the wake of the allegations against Ed Buck.  CBS Los Angeles has reported.


Fights Break Out  and Protests When President Arrives in Beverly Hills For Fundraiser/  President Visits Silicon Valley Amid Protests

On Tuesday, President Trump attended a closely guarded fundraiser in Silicon Valley.  The fundraiser took place at a private residence in Portola Valley, Calif.  The event was kept private and out of sight from the press and public.  Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement, “ The President participated in a roundtable with approximately 25 supporters, then moved to a larger area and spoke to a couple of hundred supporters about the many accomplishments of his administration.”

Very little information was made public about the host location, but somehow the news caught wind and dozens of protesters lined the road leading to the residence to great the President’s motorcade.  The large ‘Trump chicken’ and ‘Trump Baby’ balloons were on display.

In Beverly Hills, another of the President’s stops, Some protesters got into physical  altercations with some of the Trump supporters and  there was a burning of the American flag.  Riot police were deployed to deal with the violence.  Traffic chaos during LA’s rush hour was ramped up as well.  The fundraiser is reported to have raked in $ 15 million towards the Trump campaign.

Car Crashes  Into Lobby of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, Several Injuries Reported

Late Tuesday it was reported that a car crashed into the glass entrance of the lobby at Trump Plaza in Rochelle, New York.  The crash took place around 9 pm local time.  Tony Aiella, a reporter for CBS posted on Twitter footage of the scene and said,  “ Workers at Trump Plaza, New Rochelle say after a car plowed into the lobby, a male got out and took a seat on a sofa, said nothing.  Several injuries but none are life-threatening.”

Other videos shared on Aiella’s Twitter page showed the damaged black Mercedes-Benz C-300 coupe with the hood open and the trunk open inside the lobby.  The glass doors at the entrance were smashed but the structures on either side were still intact.  Police say the crash does not appear to be intentional and no evidence suggests otherwise.

At least two pedestrians were injured in the lobby.  The driver of the car was also not injured. No names have been released thus far, and the incident is still under investigation.


Today’s quote is from Kahil Gibran,

“ Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”