Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

Tens of Thousands of Hong Kong  Protesters Plead For U.S. Help 

On October 14, tens of thousands of young Hong Kong pro-democracy advocates rallied in the first legal protest since the introduction of colonial-era emergency laws and pleaded for help from the United States.  Speakers urged the United States to pass a human rights act that will ensure democracy for the former British colony.  They gathered peacefully near government offices and held posters that read, “ Make Hong Kong Great Again”  Many protesters waved Ameican flags. Protester Edward Fong, 28 said, “ All of Hong Kong people feel hopeless and the government hasn’t listened to our voices so we need the USA to help us.”

While protests were peaceful on Monday, by Sunday rallies descended into chaos with skirmishes between the protesters and police becoming violent.  Protesters are calling on U.S. Senators to vote for the Hong Kong Human Rights and  Democracy Act of 2019.  The bill supports human rights in Hong Kong.  However, the bill will not be finalized until it passes both houses of Congress and then signed by the President.  “We are exhausted and scared, many of us have been detained and tortured… we believe international help will come one day.” said a rally speaker.


CDC gives vaping-related lung illness a name 

The CDC last week issued a name for the vaping-related lung illness that has sickened more than 1,000 people and killed at least 26.  In a report issued on Oct 11, the CDC  named the illness EVALI which stands for ‘ e-cigarette or vaping, product use associated lung injury.’  The same report revealed that as of Oct 8, 49 states reported a total of 1,299 cases of EVALI to the CDC.  It said 26 people have now died in 21 states.

The FDA and the CDC have yet to pinpoint any one specific product or ingredient that is responsible for the illness.  However, over 80% of the cases involved THC products. Now officials are focusing on thickeners and additives found in THC cartridges that are sold on the black market.


ABC News Aires U.S. Gun Range Video, Calling It A Syrian War Zone 

Sunday, ABC News World News Tonight aired some video footage that was reported to be actual footage of an attack on the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad.  In the report, it was said that Turkish military forces were attacking Kurdish fighters and that there were heavy civilian casualties.  Soon after the footage was aired reports surfaced that the footage was really from a U.S. gun range demonstration.

A comparison by Gizmodo shows the video was actually captured at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky in 2017.  ABC has now released a statement with a correction and an apology for the error, “ We’ve taken down the video that aired on World News Sunday and Good Morning America that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy. ABC regrets the error.”


Health Care For Illegal Immigrants Could Cost up to $ 23 Billion a Year: Report  

During a June 27 Democratic Debate, the candidates were asked if they were in favor of giving government healthcare benefits to illegal aliens and 10 raised their hands. Under current laws, illegal aliens do not receive health insurance benefits.  Recently the Center for Immigration Studies or CIS decided to crunch the numbers to see what some of the actual costs would be if all illegal immigrants were given free healthcare.

The CIS calculated its numbers based on an illegal population of 10 million.  Based on an Obamacare Medicaid hybrid approach with 100% enrollment it would cost about $ 19.6 billion a year.  A member from CIS said in the report, “If we gave Medicaid to illegal immigrants… legal immigrants certainly would have to get it, and that’s many millions of people.”  When we think of what new burdens would be put on the American taxpayer, it will be in healthcare costs.


Today’s quote is from Thomas Jefferson

“ One loves to possess arms , though they hope never to have occasion for them.”