Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast -Sept 27, 2019

US Bill on Hong Kong’s Special Status Now Headed to Vote in House and Senate

On Sept 25, two bipartisan bills for a Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was passed by congressional committees.  Now Congress will vote on measures to support Hong Kong’s autonomy.   Hong Kong protesters have been petitioning the U.S. Congress to pass Bill H.R. 3289 which is a means of safeguarding their basic rights.  The Bill was unanimously passed by the House Foreign Affairs and  Senate Foreign Relations Committees.

The Senate’s bill S. 1838 will also be headed for a floor vote in the coming weeks.  Senator Ben Cardin (Democrat from Maryland) said recently, “ For months now the world has witnessed the bravery of tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong whose request for autonomy and democracy has been beaten back with brutal force.”  Cardin added, “ Our bill sends a strong message that Congress and the people of the United States stand in solidarity with them.”

Protests in Hong Kong are now in their 16th week.  Millions took to the streets this June in protest against the local government’s controversial extradition bill which many fear will erode the city’s autonomy. The extradition bill would have allowed Beijing to request Hong Kong city government turn over suspects, both local residents as well as international travelers, to be tried in courts controlled by the CCP.

Impeachment push will unify GOP and push Trump over the top in 2020, says Sarah Sanders  

Recently, while speaking with Fox News former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders said Thursday, the Democrats impeachment showdown with President Trump will only bolster  Republican unity and help his reelection in 2020. She said, “ I think this should be looked at as an in-kind contribution to the President’s re-election campaign…All this is doing is helping fuel his campaign.  They’re raising more money. They’re rallying his base and they’re unifying the Republican Party.. By attacking this President.”

Sanders likened the recent impeachment push to the Russia investigation and accused them of using a ‘fake scandal’ to dupe American voters and regain executive power.  “ Time and again the Democrats show their true colors. They don’t care about this country…They’ve completely lost sight of what is important and are singularly focused on making sure they destroy the President and win re-election.”

Sanders spoke shortly before a Whistleblower complaint involving Trump was made public. The Complaint has alleged that Trump used the ‘power of his office to solicit interference’ from a foreign country in the 2020 election.  This refers to the President asking  President Zelensky of the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Historic snowstorm may bring blizzard conditions to Montana, several feet of snow to mountains   

Monday, September 23, maybe the official first day of fall but winter is well on its way to parts of the Northern Rockies as a ‘historic’ winter storm is setting up for this weekend.  The National Weather Service Prediction Center says that an upper low-pressure system that is dropping into the Pacific Northwest late Friday is predicted to bring what may become a ‘significant and possibly historic’ early-season snowstorm across portions of the northern Rockies.

The WPC said, “ Widespread precipitation is expected to break out by Friday night and Saturday morning as an area of low pressure develops to the south between Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls.”  Winter storm watches have been issued across portions of northwestern Montana where one to three feet of snow and blizzard conditions are expected.  The heaviest of the snow will arrive Saturday and Sunday across the region.

Forecasters are warning of strong winds and cold temperatures,  that will bring ‘life-threatening backcountry conditions’.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting for this year that ‘ bitterly cold winter conditions’ will be in place from areas east of the Rockies all the way to the Appalachians with the coldest outbreak of the season arriving during the final week of January and lasting through the beginning of February.

Alexa to feature Samuel L. Jackson’s voice among a host of new features

Now featured in Amazon’s ‘ Inside Your Alexa’ for just 99 cents, actor Samuel L. Jackson will now be one of the new celebrity voices of the smart speaker.  Jackson can now be the voice that responds to requests on Alexa. This is just one of several new bells and whistles being offered by Amazon in the new-look Alexa.

New additions to Alexa include ways to simplify things around the house,for example, the ability to connect to a smart convection oven that responds to cooking directions with a scan of the barcode.  Alexa Guard will alert when smoke detectors are activated or a window is broken.  You will be able to receive the weather report upon waking up, just another simplified way to make your daily routine easier, says Amazon.

There is a “ Kid to Kid Connection” which is a parent-monitored system that allows children to call other children already on Alexa’s contact list. Photo sharing will also be another perk of the new-look smart speaker. Alexa will now just be part of the family.


Today’s quote is from John Basil Barnhill,

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny when the government fears the people there is liberty.”