Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

Chinese App ‘TikTok’ Popular With US Teens, Raises National Security Concerns

The Chinese app, TikTok; is hugely popular among teens in the U.S.  The app is now facing a national security review over its recent $ 1 billion buy-up of the U.S. social media app,  Recently the company insisted on a letter to U.S. lawmakers, that it is not controlled by the CCP.  There are now concerns that this may be a fact.

TikTok said it has hired a U.S.-based auditing firm to analyze the app’s security practices.  Sen. Josh Hawley, while chairing a subcommittee of the State Judiciary Committee said on Nov 5, that all it would take is ‘ one knock on the door of their parent company based in China from a communist official’ for the data to be sent to the CCP.  Sen. Hawley requested TikTok executives to testify before the panel, calling the company a threat to national security. As of yet, no one from TikTok has shown up.

Trump Seizes on 2017 posts from Whistleblower lawyer. Wants Dems held accountable 

At a recent campaign rally held Wednesday in Monroe, La. , President Trump extensively quoted from a Fox News article that highlighted recent tweets by Whistleblower attorney, Mark Zaid.  It exposed that Zaid had tweeted about the beginning of a ‘coup’ against President Trump as far back as 2017.  Quotes from some of Zaid’s many social media posts said that a ‘coup’ would occur in ‘many steps’. He even  promised two years ago, “ We will get rid of him!”

Holding a print out of the Fox News article, quoting Zaid, President Trump said, “ Democrats must be accountable for their hoaxes and their crimes.” In a recent tweet by GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, he said, “ The lawyer behind the so-called whistleblower has been calling for a coup against the President of the United States since Jan 2017.  We should take him at his word that this is a coordinated premeditated plot to overturn the election.”



According to a report by the state propaganda outlet, Global Times,  China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army or PLA held a contest to see who could build a flying ‘iron man’ military suit.   Ideas for the futuristic suit were judged at the Super Warrior 2019 Individual Exoskeleton System Challenge in Beijing.  100 teams from research institutes participated in the competition.  Judges tested their suits’ ability to carry heavyweight, mobility in rough terrains and in artillery ammo loading.

One of the Chinese military experts at the contest said, “ The current exoskeleton systems are basic but in the future, the amour, weapons and flight systems will be integrated into a power suit that could turn ordinary soldiers into ‘iron man’ soldiers”.  In May of this year the U.S. Defense Dept. warned that China was in the process of dramatically upgrading its military capabilities and aggressively using technology theft to rapidly modernize its military.


Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Rocks The House At Louisiana MAGA Rally With This Simple Message

Duck Dynasty ‘Duck Commander’ Phil Robertson and his son Willie gave a brief appearance at the recent Monroe, La. Trump Rally.  Robertson was an early supporter of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in 2016 but switched his allegiance to Trump after Cruz dropped out of the presidential race.  President Trump’s rally in Monroe is to help Republican businessman Eddie Rispone unseat Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in the Louisiana gubernatorial race which will take place on November 16.

Phil Robertson didn’t have a lot to say when he stepped up to the mic, but what few words he did say got the crowd roaring, “ I got it down to this.” Robertson said, “ If you’re pro-God and pro-America and pro-gun and pro-duck hunting, that’s all I want.”  The audience cheered.



Today’s quote is from George Washington’s ‘ Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior’

Rule 8,  “ At play and at fire its good manners to give place to the last commer and effect not to speak louder than ordinary.”