Top News Headlines Podcast 

Top News Headlines Podcast

Kentucky Governor Race Too Close To Call, GOP Wins Mississippi

In Kentucky, the governor’s race was too close to call.  In a tight race between Dem. Attorney General Andy Beshear and GOP Gov. Matt Bevin, with 100% of the precincts reporting, Beshear took the lead and Tuesday night he declared victory over Bevin at 49.2% to 48.9%.  Bevin told his supporters that since it was so close, a process of checking to ensure ballots were reported and added correctly needs to be done. Bevin has refused to concede to Beshear.

The state of Kentucky does not have a recount law and in order to get a recount, Bevin would need a court’s approval.  Trump’s 2020  campaign manager, Brad Parscale said in a statement, “ President Trump’s rally helped five of six Kentucky Republicans win clear state-wide victories, including Attorney General-elect, Daniel Cameron, who will be the first black A.G. in Kentucky history and the first to hold the office since 1948.  The President just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line, helping him run stronger than expected in what turned into a very close race at the end. A final outcome remains to be seen.”


ABC News’ spiking by Epstein Story Draws Scrutiny Toward Clinton Ally, George Stephanopolous 

Project Veritas recently published footage of a ‘hot mic’ moment when  ABC anchor, Amy Robach, did not know that her mic was on, claimed that Disney-owned ABC, had refused to air an interview she had conducted with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers.  She says she had even uncovered new information about Epstein’s ties to Bill Clinton.  This was all happening during the time Hillary Clinton was running for president. Robach said, “ I’ve had this story for three years…we would not put it on the air. It was unbelievable what we had, what we had on Clinton, we had everything.”

George Stephanopolous, ABC’s chief anchor, has long overseen the network’s political coverage and it is also widely known that he has deep ties to the Clinton’s, even being Bill Clinton’s senior advisor in the ’90s.  What is now raising some eyebrows is a 2010 report of a party that Epstein had.  Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted pedophile and he had held this event in honor of Britain’s Prince Andrew, and George Stephanopolous was in attendance.  Project Veritas’ posting of Robach’s hot mic conversation does clearly point to some dubious and criminal connections.  ABC has denied it tried to stop Robach’s story claiming her reporting at the time did not’ meet our standards to air’.



In a report out of Leipzig, Germany an Antifa group has been ‘at war’ over the development of several construction sites across Leipzig this year.  The report says two masked far-left extremist Antifa members broke into the home of a  34 yr old female real estate employee on Sunday and viciously attacked and beat her with their fists.  This is according to German police reports. After the attack, the Antifa members told the woman, “Goodbye, Greetings from Connewitz.”

The Connewitz area of Leipzig is a known stronghold for Antifa activity and the group even boasts of having their own Facebook page.  Leipzig Lord Mayor, Burkhard Jung, a member of the left socialist party or SPD condemned the violence saying, “ A line has been crossed, the militant left scene does not even shy away from attacks on defenseless women.” He further added, “ The line spread by the extreme left-wing scene that they are violent only against things and state institutions, but not against people, is exposed for what it always was: a lie.”


Leftist media outlets falsely claim Trump failed to Recognize Native American History Month 

Recently, quite a few media outlets and personalities became very angry and vocal claiming that President Trump failed to recognize Native American Heritage Month which is the norm for November.  There was a proclamation put out that said, “Presidential Proclamation on National American History and Founders Month”.  This was all they needed, it was ‘proof’ that President Trump failed to recognize Native Americans. Many said it was a “ white supremacist agenda’.  Linda Sarsour of Women’s March said, “ They think we are not paying attention as they implement their white nationalist agenda!” There were claims that Trump was trying to stomp out 30 years of tradition.  Trump is rejecting Native Americans etc.

However, the White House did issue a presidential proclamation honoring ‘National Native American Heritage Month’ it was announced on October 31, the same day the other proclamation of ‘ American History Founders Month’ was posted.   Some individuals later backtracked on their claims, insisting that their criticism was over the fact the proclamation was not posted on the White House website immediately.


Today’s quote is from George Washington’s “ Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior.”

Rule 7,  “ Put not off your clothes in the presence of others, nor go out your chamber half-dressed.”