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Top News Headlines Podcast


In Rare Meeting, China’s Xi Backs Carrie Lam’s Handling of Hong Kong Protests

Chinese leader, Xi Jinping recently met with Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Corrie Lam in the Chinese city of Shanghai on Nov 4.  The Chinese news media reported that Xi ‘affirmed’ her administration’s handling of the six-month mass protests in Hong Kong.  This was the first meeting between the two leaders since Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement started.  It was sparked by opposition to an extradition order that would allow mainland China to extradite Hong Kong citizens to China for trial by the CCP.

Xi is quoted as saying to Lam that ‘punishing violent activities is the right decision’. He asked Lam to ‘execute it unswervingly.’  Lam already has put a ban on face masks in Hong Kong and she did this without discussion or a vote from Hong Kong’s legislature.  Many feel that Xi’s approval of how Lam is handling the Hong Kong protests means there will no doubt be tougher and harsher dealings with the protesters.   A U.S. based commentator, Tang Jingyuan said in his opinion, regarding a possible replacement for Lam, “Based on what’s happened in the past few months, I think there are two reasons; Xi cannot ensure that her replacement can be loyal to him, due to factional differences within the CCP. ..Xi wants Lam to continue using force to handle the protests.



On Monday, near a rural Mormon community in Mexico,  close to the border of New Mexico, a group of cartel gunmen ambushed and murdered 3 women and 6 children. It is not clear if it was directed at the family or if they thought it was rival gangs in the area. Six other children from the same family were also injured and one 9-year-old girl was reported missing but was later found with a gunshot wound to her arm.  Relatives of the family stated that all the family members had dual  U.S. and Mexican citizenship.

Alfonso Durazo, Mexico’s Public Security Secretary announced Tuesday morning, that the death toll now stands at  3 women, 6 children, as well as another 6 children, also injured.  President Trump said in a Tweet responding to the tragedy, “ A wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels, who were shooting at each other…If Mexico needs or requests help in clearing out these monsters, the United States stands ready, willing and able.”


Sanctuary County Rolls Back It’s Anti- ICE Policy Following String of  Illegal Aliens Charged With Rape 

Democratic Montgomery County, Maryland Executive Secretary, Marc Elrich is now backpedaling on an executive order he signed several months ago that prohibited cooperation with ICE agents.  Now, Elrich says ICE agents can apprehend illegal aliens in his custody if they are in ‘identified areas’ within the Montgomery County jail.  This reversal comes after Montgomery officials got heavy backlash and national criticism for its sanctuary policy after many arrests took place in the county of numerous illegal aliens who were arrested for rapes and sexual abuse crimes.

Now, after the dust has settled it is not clear if Elrich’s rollback of his sanctuary rules is sufficient enough for ICE to operate. As it stands, before ICE can detain an illegal he must submit am immigration retainer. If ICE agents do not arrive on time, the individual will be released into the public–even if he has been charged with murder, rape or any other serious crime. ICE has not commented.

‘Fox & Friends’ hosts respond to some liberals melting down over National Player’s  MAGA Hat 

On a recent  Fox & Friends segment the hosts discussed the apparent meltdown from social media liberals over Washington Nationals visiting the White House.  Hawaiian born veteran catcher, Kurt Suzuki stepped up to the microphone and he put on a red ‘MAGA’ hat, delighting President Trump. The moment, however, it did not go down well with many liberal Twitter critics.  CNN anchor, Soledad O’Brien  called it ‘pathetic’, NYT Wajahat Ali tweeted, “They will never love you, Kurt Suzuki,….enjoy the hug and the delusion.”

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade, expressed his amazement over the backlash toward Suzuki, “ All he did was support the President of the United States, the President of the country he is in.”  Kilmeade further expressed his thoughts and wondering whether things may be ‘breaking’ in Trump’s favor politically.  Seven of the Nationals World Series roster did not attend the event at the White House.


Today’s quote is from George Washington’s ‘Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior’.

Rule  6, “  Sleep not when others speak, sit not when others stand, Speak not when you should hold your peace, walk not on when others stop.”