Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

Getting Threats Your Social Security Number Will Be Suspended?  It’s A Scam. IRS Saya

There is a new tax scam afoot across the U.S.  People are getting phone calls that warn them their social security number will be suspended because they have an unpaid tax bill.  The Internal Revenue Service warns; ‘Don’t believe it’.  This an attempt by fraud scammers to scare people into returning automated ‘robocalls’. This way they get in contact with you and then ask for detailed personal information.  According to the IRS, one of the first things people should know if you ever get one of these calls is, “ Taxpayers should not give out sensitive information over the phone unless they are positive they know the caller is legitimate.”  The IRS also cautions, it doesn’t accept payment methods such as prepaid debit cards, iTunes gift cards or wire transfers, these are a telltale sign of a scam and in this case, you should just hang up.

IRS protocol is that a taxpayer will never be threatened with arrest or police involvement. A taxpayer is always given the opportunity to question or appeal a debt.  In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission said it received over 3 million customer complaints and more than 1.4 million fraud reports.  Sadly the ones most victimized by scams like these are the elderly.  The IRS advises people who think they may be a fraud victim to file a complaint with the FTC.


Poll: 7 in 10 Voters Believe in ‘America First’ Agenda Ahead of 2020 Election

A recent poll conducted by Selzer and Company/Grinnell College, finds that the vast majority of Americans say they are ‘America First’ voters.  Less than 20% identify as socialists.  This implies that overall, 7 in 10 or 70% of likely voters say they believe in America First- and back President Trump’s agenda on immigration, trade, healthcare and foreign policy.

In a tweet by Ryan James Girdusky, the Selzer/Grinnell College Poll breaks it down as, “ 89%  Proud to be an American, 87% Tired of circus politics, 70% Believer in America First, 54% Progressive, 41% Gun enthusiast, 38% feminist, 33% politically incorrect, 19% socialist.”  The poll was taken on October 29 and included more than 1,000 U.S. adults over the age of 18.  806 of which are likely voters, with a margin of error at 3.1%.


Gov. Gavin Newsom Took Big Dollar Donations From the California Public Utility Behind Rolling Blackouts 

According to a recent article from the Daily Caller, California Governor Gavin Newsom accepted some huge monetary donations from Pacific Gas and Electric or PG&E, a California utility company that is now being criticized for shutting off power to large sections of the state as a way to prevent wildfires.  In 2018, Newsom and his allies took in a hefty $208,400 from PG&E during his election campaign for governor.  Newsom is now blasting PG&E, he said this in a recent tweet, “ I have a message for PG&E. Your years and years of greed, years and years of mismanagement, years and years of putting shareholders over people are,  OVER!”

In an investigative report done by ABC10, it was reported that PG&E donated more than $800,000 to candidate campaigns plus another $ 3 million to political groups that all ultimately ended up as, ‘money in the candidate’s war chests’.  Several wildfires are now raging throughout the state. PG&E has reported that two fires burning in the San Francisco Bay Area may have been started by PG&E power lines. Newsom refused to answer questions in July when he was asked about the large donations he received from PG&E.

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Review California’s  Sanctuary Law 

The Trump administration is now petitioning the Supreme Court to review California’s sanctuary law. The administration is asking for SB54 to strike down provisions that prohibit state and local law enforcement officers from sharing information about an illegal immigrant’s release from custody, personal information, and physical description. In the U.S, the government argues that SB54 ‘frustrates’ and ‘obstructs’ federal immigration enforcement.

The petition states, “ When officers are unable to arrest aliens-often criminal aliens- who are in removal proceedings or have been ordered removed from the United States, those aliens instead return to the community, where criminal aliens are disproportionately likely to commit crimes.”

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld SB54 in their decision in April. A three-judge panel rejected the government’s arguments citing that the 10th Amendment anti-commandeering doctrine applies. This means the federal government cannot force state or local governments to enforce federal policies. California has until Nov 22 to respond to the administration’s petition.


Today’s quote is from George Washington’s  Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior,

Rule two;  “ When in Company, put not your hands to any part of the body, not usually discovered.”