Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

White House releases Memo on Trump’s health After Unannounced WalterReed Visit

The White House issued a memorandum from the President’s doctor late Monday.  This comes amidst speculations and concerns about President Trump’s recent ‘unscheduled’ Dr. visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend.  Dr. Sean Conley dispelled the rumor that President Trump was brought to the hospital because of chest pain.  Dr. Conley said that the President’s visit to the medical center was part of the ‘primary preventative care’ that he has received throughout the year.  President Trump spent two hours at the medical center. The Nov 18 memo explained the reason the visit was kept “off the records” was due to ‘scheduling uncertainties’.

During his visit, the President visited some of the medical staff and was able to speak with the family of a soldier undergoing surgery.  In the memo Dr. Conley said that the President consented to share his cholesterol readings, concluding that his blood cholesterol levels fall within the healthy range. They also show that his total cholesterol level showed improvement with a total level of 165 down from 196 in February.

Thousands of U.S. Based Scientists Sell Research to China, Report Says

A new Senate sub-committee made public a report on Nov 18 that shows that through China’s Thousand Talents Plan or TTP, China has paid more than 7,000 U.S. scientists to hand over their research.  This means that while these scientists received U.S. government funding with U.S. taxpayers spending billions on their research projects, the research has ended up in China’s hands.  Some examples cited in the report; a researcher at the U.S. Dept of Energy downloaded some 30,000 files without authorization and took them with him to China. Another instance, at the National Institute of Health, a scientist re-directed research from a lab in the U.S. to be done in a lab in China.

The TTP is closely managed by the CCP’s Central Committee which in essence controls all levels of the government in China.  The report done by the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs’ Subcommittee on Investigations is chaired by Republican Senator Rob Portman.  The Report points criticism at the FBI, claiming the  bureau “continues to lack a coordinated national outreach program to combat the threat posed by China’s talent recruitment plans.” The report exposed the fact that State Commerce Department officials have approved a significant number of Chinese nationals to work on sensitive U.S. technologies.  The FBI and other state officials will be questioned Nov 19 in an open hearing of the subcommittee.

Michigan farmer’s EEE death marks 6th fatality in the state from the mosquito-borne virus: Report    

A farmer in Michigan has died from a dangerous mosquito-borne virus called Eastern Equine Encephalitis or EEE.  The deceased farmer was identified by WNDU, a local news station, as Jim Whitright of Eau Claire.  The news report says Whitright became ‘very sick’ with a fever on Aug 19.  He was rushed to a local emergency room. According to WNDU, he passed away in a hospital a month later.  The CDC said Whitright’s death from EEE as “ one of a group of mosquito-transmitted viruses that can cause inflammation of the brain or encephalitis.”

The CDC says that symptoms typically appear 10 days after being bitten and in some cases, it progresses to encephalitis. As of Nov 13, the federal health agency received reports of 36 confirmed EEE cases with 13 deaths reported.  Massachusetts has seen the most cases this year with 12.  Michigan is second with 10 cases.  Health officials said there is no specific treatment for the virus and the only way to protect against the virus is to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.



New York’s latest ‘criminal justice reform plan’, aims to release suspects accused of second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, child sex crimes, and terrorism threats and they will not have to post bail.  This ‘reform’ is set to go into effect in January 2020.  Law enforcement officials have warned that if Gov. Cuomo doesn’t block the Jailbreak laws from taking effect, Police across the State of  New York, will be re-arresting accused criminals and having to search for suspects who fail to show up for their court dates.

The Jailbreak legislation is helping to free thousands of accused and convicted criminals from prison.  The federal program, First Step Act, signed into law by President Trump has also freed offenders from some of these criminal categories.  The NY legislation, however, seems to be using the First Step Act protocol to condone what is considered by many, to be extreme and reckless by releasing criminals and thus doing more harm than good.

State Sen. Pam Helming said last week at a press conference with law enforcement officials, “ I’ve read social media posts, I’ve read editorials in newspapers who believe the new reforms are not that bad because they only apply to non-serious crimes.” She then went on to read the list of crimes now being considered non-serious, manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, third-degree rape, child sex crimes, making terrorist threats and burglary and asking, How are these not considered violent crimes.?


Today’s quote is from Sir Winston Churchill,

“ The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”