Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

White House Condemns ‘Unjustified Use of Force’ by Hong Kong Police as Hundreds Arrested 

The White House has criticized the Hong Kong police after clashes with protesters at Polytechnic University on Nov 17.  A statement by the Trump administration said, “ We condemn the unjustified use of force and urge all sides to refrain from violence and to engage in constructive dialogue.” The statement added, “ As the president has said, the United States expects Beijing to honor its commitments under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and to protect Hong Kong’s freedom, legal system and democratic way of life.”

The battle over the weekend occurred when protesters blocked a cross-harbor tunnel road near the university. Police broke through the main entrance to the university and began arresting the students.  According to sources in Hong Kong, there have been massive arrests of students. At one point there were 500 students who wanted to leave the university but were forced back by the police with tear gas.  The students were being told by loudspeaker by the head of their school, Teng Jin0Guang, to leave and that there was a ceasefire.

Some 24 lawmakers from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp issued a joint statement urging the Hong Kong government to show restraint and stop police violence and the use of lethal force. Rep. Josh Hawley said in a Nov 17 tweet, “ Beijing is pushing Hong Kong into a state of siege.”


Massive star ejected from the Milky Way Galaxy: ‘ A Visitor from a Strange Land’ 

Here’s some news that will get you to look up, there’s some interesting news taking place out in our Milky Way Galaxy that has got astronomers buzzing with excitement.  A  massive star is being described as ‘ A visitor from a strange land.’  A new study has concluded that approximately 5 million years ago a star got too close to the “mind-boggling” black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and was “ ejected”.  This star which is identified as S5-HVS1, ventured too close and was hurtled ‘ at the blistering speed of 6 million kilometers per hour’.  When discovered, astronomers estimated it was moving ‘nearly 10x faster than most of the stars in the galaxy’.

The lead author of the study, Sergey Kospov, said the discovery was ‘super exciting’ because astronomers have long thought black holes were able to eject stars but had never got to see it.  This event is estimated to have happened 5 million years ago.  Back in October 0f 2018 astronomers observed the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way Galaxy’s center known as Sagittarius A*, pulling gas blobs into its vortex at 30% the speed of light.  In May 2019 they observed a brightening of Sagittarius A*, suggesting it may have come in contact with another celestial object.  Study’s co-author, Douhlas Boubert said, “ The velocity of the discovered star is so high that it will inevitably leave the galaxy and never return.”

Thousands Rally in DC For Vaccine Injury Awareness 

This Friday at the National Mall in DC, nearly 3,000 people attended a rally to bring attention to what they say is an epidemic of vaccine injury in America. It is an epidemic, protesters say is not getting the medical or media attention it deserves.  The rally, called Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event, was organized by a non-profit group called Crazymothers.  Founder, Hillary Simpson while speaking to the Epoch Times, said she organized the event to bring awareness to doctors, lawyers, scientists, and mothers.  She said, “ I think when you have 53% of American children that suffer from a chronic issue, you have to start to look at it.”

There were many speakers at the rally.  Del Bigtree a journalist and producer of the film, ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe’ spent 18 months on a tour across the country and got signatures from 7,200 people who had loved ones that they believed were injured by vaccines.  Simpson noted that there were several documentary film crews and some folks from Australia and Europe who attended the rally, but no members from the MSM attended the rally, even though Simpson said she had invited them.  This then sparks questions, with thousands of concerned parents showing up at a rally this big why is there a media blackout? Simpson questioned.  In a Sept article from the NYT, it cited a 2011 study that found a quarter of American parents had serious concerns about vaccines and 30% worried they may cause learning disabilities including autism.

Focus Group Finds Average Americans Don’t Even Know or Care What Impeachment is About

In a new study from focus groups held across America by AFP, America First Policies, it found most Americans are uninterested in the details of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.  AFP held 18 different focus groups during the last two months in cities like Charlotte, Columbus, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Des Moines. Orlando, Phoenix, and Miami.  Most of the people that participated were unaware they would be talking about politics, says AFP.

The voters, when asked about impeachment never mentioned Ukraine, alleged quid pro quo, Rudy Giuliani or other key details included in the Democrats impeachment inquiry.  Instead, they said they were concerned about why it was being held ‘closed-door’ and that it distracted from other more important issues.  Many compared the current impeachment inquiry to the Russian collusion narrative, pointing out that there is no ‘smoking gun’. Some accused Democrats of trying to further divide the country. One group participant commented, “ I don’t think the majority of the country cares. They want the problems solved.”  Another member questioned, “ Why the focus on impeachment when you can vote out Trump next year?

Today’s quote is from George Washington’s ‘Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior’

Rule 15,  “ Keep your nails clean and short, also your hands and teeth clean, yet without showing any great concern for them. “