Top News Headlines Podcast

Top News Headlines Podcast

US Customs Officials Seize Millions Worth of Counterfeit Purses From China

In a Nov 8 press release from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the CBP seized over $ 2 million worth of counterfeit purses that were en route to Flushing, NY.  The items, according to the report, were found in an air cargo shipment that arrived at Washington’s Dulles International Airport on Sept. 25 from China. Officials found 2,601 coin purses, 459 purses and 3 backpacks adorned with logos of international brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Hermes.

The items were examined and verified by CBP’s trade experts to be fake.  Casey Durst, Director of Field Operations for Baltimore CBP office said, “ Counterfeit consumer goods fund transnational criminal organizations, are manufactured in unregulated facilities that may potentially harm American consumers, hurt our nation’s economy and steal revenue and brand integrity from US businesses and trademark holders.” China is the biggest violator of IRP or ‘ intellectual property rights’ in the world.


Hong Kong Protester Shot At Close Range, Counterprotester Set On Fire in Latest Escalation of Violence

A pro-democracy protester was shot at close range and also a counter-protester was set on fire as violence continues in Hong Kong this Monday.  Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s pro-China Chief Executive has blamed the ongoing demonstrations on the pro-democracy movement protesters, whom she labeled as ‘ rioters’.   Videos that have emerged from Hong Kong showed the violence being instigated from both sides.

Video shows a man who is said to be opposed to the protesters, having a substance thrown on his shirt which ignites his upper body in flames.  The man is in critical condition, Lam described the attack as ‘ totally inhumane’. Another video shows a policeman shooting a protester in the stomach as he walked toward him. Lam said in a statement, “ If there’s still any wishful thinking that by escalating violence, the Hong Kong special region of China, will yield to pressure to satisfy so-called political demands. I’m making this statement clear and loud here: that will not happen.”


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, were greeted by thunderous loud cheers when they attended Saturday’s Alabama-LSU football game.  The President sat in a private box owned by Jim Wilson, a real estate businessman from Alabama. The President and First Lady were joined by several Louisiana and Alabama government officials.

This marks the third sporting event attended by President Trump in recent weeks.  The President besides the LSU game attended Game 5 of the World Series and also was the first sitting President to attend a UFC event.  President Trump also attended the 2017 season game between Alabama and Georgia. There may have been some boo’s heard at the World Series game as well as during the UFC event but the crowded stadium at the LSU-Bama game was all cheers for number 45.

Trump Says US Will Raise Age Limit For Vaping to 21 

The Trump administration is now planning to raise the age of vaping to 21 years old.  U.S. health officials have recently come out with results from their investigations on vaping related illnesses. On Nov 8 at the White House, President Trump said, “ We’re going to be coming out with a very important position on vaping.  We have to take care of our kids, most importantly. So we are going to have an age limit of 21 or so.”

Health officials have been sounding the alarm amidst the nationwide outbreak of serious lung illnesses and deaths and the use of electronic smoking devices.  According to the CDC, vitamin E acetate has been discovered in lung samples of people affected with the illness and is now believed to be a direct link with the recent lung injuries. Vitamin E acetate, when ingested as a vitamin supplement, is not harmful.  Vitamin E is now believed to be used as a cutting agent in illicit vaping products and when it is inhaled, it may interfere with normal lung functioning, according to the CDC.

Today’s Quote is from George Washington’s, ‘ Rules of Civility &  Decent Behavior’,

Rule  10, “ When you sit down, keep your feet firm and even, without putting one on the other or crossing them.”