Top News Headlines- Oct 8, 2019

Top News Headlines- Oct 8, 2019

California, New Jersey, and Florida Are Well Represented on List of ‘Miserable’ American Cities  

In a new report from the Business Insider. California, New Jersey, and Florida accounted for half of the 50 ‘most miserable’ cities in the United States.  Out of the list, California had 10 of the most miserable with New Jersey having 9 and Florida with 6.

The report went by current U.S. Census information to analyze 1,000 US cities.  The criteria looked at was; job opportunities. Incomes, the number of abandoned homes, drug addiction, crime rates, population changes. Commute times and natural disasters.  The cities that made the list had few opportunities, devastation from disasters, high crime and addiction rates as well a high number of abandoned homes.

To list a few, in California the cities of  Bell Gardens, Lynwood, Compton, El Monte, Hemet, Huntington Park, and even San Bernardino were among the 10   most miserable cities.  In New Jersey, there was Camden, Newark, Patterson, Trenton to name a few of its 9 most miserable cities. Then in Florida; Fort Pierce, North Miami, Miami Gardens and Hallandale Beach made the ‘most miserable’ list.

Kanye West defends support for Trump, says political decisions based on race is ‘mental salvery’ 

Kanye West during a Sunday Service event in Utah, stood before thousands of his fans and said he felt that it is ‘mental slavery’ to make political decisions based on race.  He performed his new hit song ‘Jesus Walks’ and spoke before the crowd about his religious journey. This according to a report by Billboard.

In video footage of his comments to the fans, Kanye made some political statements.  At one point he said, “  it was  the Republican Party that freed the slaves.”  West has been heavily criticized since he last year came out as a Trump supporter.  Since then he has remained solid on his support of the President and said at the event, “ You black, so you can’t like Trump? Ain’t never made a decision only based on my color.”  West went on to say, “ That’s a form of slavery, mental slavery.”

China Suspends Relationships with Houston Rockets Over GM Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protests  

The Chinese Basketball Association has decided to suspend all business dealings with the Houston Rockets.  This after one of its team executives tweeted a message in support for the protesters in Hong Kong. The now-deleted tweet by Rocket’s General Manager, Daryl Morey said, “ Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong”  Former Houston Rocket star, Yao Ming responded that he had ‘strong opposition’ to Morey’s tweet.  He considered the tweet as ‘ improper remarks regarding Hong Kong’.

The NBA in general and the Rockets have several very lucrative business arrangements in China.  It seems the communist country is a fast-growing NBA market. This is mostly due to Yao Ming’s basketball career in Houston.  The tweet has since been deleted and apologies made. The Rockets moved quickly to insist Morey does not speak for the organization. The Rocket’s owner affirmed, “ Everything is fine with Daryl and me. We got a huge backlash, and I wanted to make it clear that the organization has no political position. We’re here to play  basketball and not to offend anybody.”  It seems to have opinions that are not in line with the regime are not taken lightly.


Population Replacement: As Migrants Swamp Sweden, Swedes Start Fleeing  

After Europe’s recent years of admitting waves of Muslim migrants, things are not turning out as they planned.  In Sweden the country which has led the world in absorbing most of the immigrants, they are now seeing many of its native citizens fleeing the country due to high crime, violence, high unemployment, and rising child poverty.

This is now leading to what some call a ‘population exchange’. One small Swedish town, Filipsted, was recently featured in a Swedish  TV documentary.  The documentary revealed that between 2012 and 2018,  the small town of 10,000 experienced 640 of its native Swedes had left the town and 963 foreign-born people moved into the town.

A quote from the documentary. “ Advocating an open borders policy and demeaning its opponents as ‘racists’ some Swedish feminists are now leaving migrant-heavy areas of their nation that they say is controlled by Islamic Fundamentalists.”  American Thinkers, Monica Showalter commented, “ The migrants freely admitted to Sweden have placed about as much value on that entry as the price they paid for it, which is nothing.”


Today’s quote is from Benjamin Franklin.

“ Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”