Top News Headlines- Oct 07, 2019

Top News Headlines- Oct 07, 2019

Chinese Cargo Ships Dump 73% of Trash in The Atlantic Ocean 

Researchers from Canada and South Africa have been studying waste that has washed up on Inaccessible Island, which is an actual island in the heart of the southern Atlantic Ocean.  In a report from Canada’s National Post on Tuesday, it is estimated that 73% of all garbage in the Atlantic Ocean originates from Chinese merchant vessels.  The study concluded, “ Currently 75% of bottles are from Asia, with most from China.  The recent manufacture dates indicate that few bottles could have drifted from Asia and are presumably dumped from ships…our results question the widely held assumption that most plastic debris at sea comes from land-based sources.”

Lead author of the study, Peter  Ryan told BBC, “ I think the evidence is pretty strong that it is coming from merchant shipping.  I think we need to look carefully at better monitoring and enforcement of regulations.”  China has long been considered the world’s most prodigious polluter.   In 2018 China produced more carbon emissions than the U.S. and the EU combined.

Teacher Fired for Refusing to Address Student with preferred  Pronouns  

A teacher in Virginia was fired for refusing to use masculine pronouns for a female high school student that identified as a male. The teacher is now suing the local school board for wrongful dismissal.  The  French teacher, Peter Vlaming, who teaches at West Point Public School, refused to address the female student as a him since “ Mr. Vlaming’s conscience and religious practice prohibits him from intentionally lying. He sincerely believes that referring to a female as a male by using an objectively male pronoun is telling a lie.” said Vlaming’s attorneys.

Mr. Vlaming says he was willing to meet the student halfway by using the student’s preferred name instead of her given name.  He actually tried not to use any pronouns at all with the student. The school claimed Vlaming’s behavior constituted ‘ discrimination that leads to a hostile learning environment’. Vlaming said in a statement, “ I’m saddened that West Point Public Schools wouldn’t work with me to reach a happy situation for everyone on this matter so that we could all continue on with learning in mutual respect.”  Mr. Vlaming taught at the district for seven years.

US Unemployment  Rate Falls to 50-yr Low of 3.5%

There is good news from the recent jobs report. The U.S. unemployment rate fell in September to a new five-decade low of 3.5%.  Employers added 136.000 new jobs.  Recent job gains averaged 157,000 in the past three months which was enough to absorb job seekers and potentially added to the lower employment percentage.  The September jobs report will most likely help the Federal Reserve to be on track to cut rates later this month, this would be the third time this year.

Trump Signs Executive Order to Improve Medicare 

On Oct 3, President Trump signed an Executive Order which is aimed at improving and protecting Medicare. It will focus on the nation’s seniors.  The order directs the present administration to pursue changes to Medicare which covers about 60 million seniors and disabled people.  It mainly will enhance Medicare Advantage, a private insurance option that will offer savings on premiums and a limit for out-of-pocket costs.

The President said, “ medicare is under threat like never before.” He added saying that almost every Democrat in Washington supports policies such as ‘Medicare for all’. Trump’s order will provide one-stop shopping thus eliminating the need for separate supplemental insurance.  The central focus of the President’s remarks is to protect medicare from Democrats seeking to overhaul the program.


Today’s quote is from Adlai Stevenson.

“ My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.”