Top News Headline- Sept 24, 2019

Top News Headline- Sept 24, 2019

Modi  Invites Trump to Rally In a Show of Unity in Houston 

On September 22, President Trump joined tens of thousands of Indian-Americans who packed into Houston’s NRG Stadium.  This was a rally with Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi.  Modi had asked the President to come and speak at the rally four weeks ago, to which the President agreed.  As Modi and Trump took the stage there was a deafening mix of drums and cheers.  The event was a massive show of support between the two allies, despite some recent trade tensions.

Modi who spoke first said, “ Today we are witnessing a new history and new chemistry in the making. The energy of NRG is witness of synergy between India and the U.S.”  Approximately 50,000 people, many being Texas residents, showed up for the event. Indian and American flags lined the stadium.  In the President’s speech, he said,  “ Everyday Indian Americans help write the story of American greatness… Everyone here has a crucial role to play in an even greater American and Indian future.”

Modi said he expects positive results from his talks with President Trump over the next few days.

Watch: Antifa Members Caught On Camera Harassing Portland Police Near Climate Rally 

Friday, hundreds of thousands protested climate change around the world. In Portland, Oregon a faction of the masked militant group Antifa joined the local protests and started to harass police officers and create trouble.  Andy Ngo, a journalist who recently was brutally attacked by Antifa earlier this year, reacted Monday after covering a demonstration in Portland.

While speaking to Fox News Ngo said, “ This group that demonstrated Friday was a bit younger than what the average Antifa member is.. These were their youth wings.”  Antifa members were caught on camera harassing the police near the climate change rally. One  Antifa youth called a police officer a ‘pig’ and others shouted obscene expletives.  Ngo said while most of the climate change rallies around the world were peaceful this group of young masked militants were bent on violence and disruption.

Ngo reported that after the rally the Antifa group went to a nearby ICE  facility and began throwing projectiles at officers.  Ngo said,” What is concerning about this to me is that this movement is able to recruit younger and younger people. I mean any of these masked people are really children.”

Boris Johnson blames Iran for Saudi Oil Attacks, Says the UK Could Join US-Led Coalition

British Prime  Minister Boris Johnson speaking to reporters who flew with him late Sunday to New York for the UN General Assembly said, “ The UK is attributing responsibility with a very high degree of possibility to Iran.” This is in regards to the recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Johnson went on to say he would consider joining a U.S.-led military effort.

The Trump administration has pointed the finger at Iran for the attack. Johnson did also comment, “We will be working with our American friends and our European friends to construct a response that tries to de-escalate tensions in the Gulf region.”  The rebel Houthi movement has claimed responsibility for the attack on the oil facilities and Tehran has denied involvement.

Last week President Trump authorized the deployment of more U.S. troops and equipment to Saudi Arabia.  European nations, including Britain, are still involved with the 2015 nuclear deal reached with Iran. Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Obama-era deal last year, escalating tensions between the nations.

Trump Has Made Real Progress Changing The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 

Since President Trump’s first term in office, he has made seven appointments to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  When Trump took office the 9th Circuit Court was split with 18 to 7 in Democrat to Republican judges.  If the Senate confirms the President’s remaining nominees, the 9th Circuit will have 16 Democrat-appointed judges and 13 Republican appointees. This could be the beginning of a steady transformation to Trump’s chief judicial adversary.

Even though Republican-appointed judges remain a minority on the 9th Circuit, their increased numbers are meaningful.  The Trump administration recently reaped the benefits of those improved odds in a lawsuit over the President’s asylum restrictions when a ruling, subject to certain exceptions, would deny asylum to migrants who passed through another country on their way to the U.S. without first seeking protection there.

The 9th Circuit Court’s jurisdiction sprawls over much of the globe, even encompassing remote Pacific atolls, the arid deserts in the American Southwest and even remote reaches of Alaska that touch the Arctic Circle.  With a population of nearly 60 million, one-in-five Americans are subject to the 9th Circuit’s dictates.


Today’s quote is from Epictetus,

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”