Top News Headline Podcast- Oct 2, 2019

Top News Headline Podcast- Oct 2, 2019


Young Protester Shot With Live Round in Hong Kong During Unrest on Regime’s 70th Founding Anniversary  

On Oct 1st, it was reported that a demonstrator in Hong Kong was shot with a live round in the chest at close range by the police. There is footage of the incident and it has been circulated by local media.  According to a report from Oriental Daily, he is in critical condition. The footage of the incident shows him bleeding from the chest after a policeman in riot gear is seen shooting the protester with a pistol at close range. From a report by RTHK, the protester is a senior high school student.

Hong Kong protesters are taking to the streets by the thousands and there are many citywide rallies and demonstrations coinciding with the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese Communists rule in China.  Activist Lee Cheuk-yan announced, “ Today we are out to tell the Communist Party that Hong Kong people have nothing to celebrate. We are mourning that in 70 years of Communist Party rule, the democratic rights of people in Hong Kong and China are being denied.  We will continue to fight.”

The police have previously used live rounds of ammunition against the protesters but no one had ever been reported injured.  Hong Kong’s hospital authority said 15 people had been wounded on Tuesday in clashes with the police.  Thousands of Hong Kongers amassed for rallies and demonstrations in many different locations throughout the city.  There is tight security everywhere with at least 11 subways closed and large numbers of armed police standing guard outside government offices.

San Francisco removes boulders meant to deter homeless campers because they were ‘not big enough’  

Some concerned local residents in San Francisco who decided to take some action themselves against the problem of homeless people camping on their streets, installed large boulders on the street as a deterrent.  Soon after San Francisco’s Public Works removed the rocks along Clinton Park in the Mission Dolores neighborhood, saying that the boulders installed by the residents, ‘were not big enough’. There was a safety problem as the boulders were being rolled into the street. The residents had pooled their funds for the boulders in an attempt to ‘ keep drug users from having a space to shoot up as they camp out overnight.’

The  San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness reacted to the City’s decision to remove the boulder’s writing, “ They should remove all anti-homeless design and hostile architecture from the rest of the city while they are at it–most of which are city-sanctioned.”

The city of San Francisco has been in a long battle and struggle with problems with human waste and needles on the streets. The city set up public toilets in an effort to help with the ongoing problem. It was recently announced that there was a creation of a six-person ‘poop patrol’ team to clean up the human waste in the city.

Hillary Clinton on Women Uncomfortable With Biden Touching Them: ‘Get Over It’  

Former first lady, secretary of state, Hillary Clinton recently dismissed responses from women who have expressed their discomfort when they were touched and groped by former president and current presidential candidate, Joe Biden.  Clinton recently spoke with People magazine, “ You could take any person who sticks there little head above the parapet and says,’I’m going to run for president’ and find something …a little annoying habit or other kinds of behavior that people are going to pick apart and disagree with.”

It seems to be more than just a little annoying habit according to some of the reports and comments made by different women and their encounters with Joe Biden.  Biden has come under scrutiny in past years for his physical contact that includes repeatedly touching women and girls he comes in contact with. Former Nevada lieutenant  governor candidate, Lucy Flores wrote an essay in March describing her interaction with Biden at a political event. She wrote,

“ He made me feel uneasy, gross and confused….he touched me in an intimate way reserved for close friends, family, or romantic partners–and I felt powerless to do anything about it.” Many video clips have been circulated online that show Joe Biden with his hands touching women and young girls in an inappropriate manner, so it is a little more than just an annoying little habit as Mrs. Clinton points out.

Florida Teachers Now Allowed To Be Armed For Classroom Defense  

Beginning October 1st, some teachers in Florida will be allowed to carry concealed handguns while in the classroom.  Under a new Florida law some teachers can volunteer to carry guns for classroom defense. They need to go through an extensive training course before they can actually do this.  The teachers would by the new law be required to adhere to rules of anonymity regarding teachers who are armed. The goal would be to keep would-be attackers uncertain about their targets.

The state’s two largest districts, Miami-Dade and Orlando have opted out of the concealed carry option but districts throughout Florida’s panhandle and other areas are allowing teachers to be armed for defense of children. On January 2nd,TCPalm reported that the commission investigating the February 14, 2018 Parkland High School shootings recommended teachers be armed to counter/or prevent such attacks in the future. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said, “ People need to keep an open mind to it as the reality is that if someone else in that school had a gun it could have saved kids lives.”

Today’s quote is from John Adams,

“ You will never know how much it cost my generation to preserve your freedom.  I hope you will make  good use of it.”