Top News Headline Podcast- Oct 14, 2019

Top News Headline Podcast- Oct 14, 2019


Federal Judge Upholds Florida Law That Prohibits Sanctuary Jurisdictions

A new Florida law that bans sanctuary cities and requires Florida law enforcement to cooperate with ICE agents officially took effect on October 1.  A federal judge has upheld the law and determined it is constitutional.  As a result of this law, law enforcement officers throughout Florida’s 67 counties will now have to comply and enforce federal immigration laws and work with ICE officers.

As of 2016, Florida was home to 775,000 illegal aliens according to Pew Research Center’.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said after signing the bill, “ This is about public safety, not about politics. We must do everything within our power and use all the tools available to us to ensure that our communities are safe.”

Oregon Cow Mutilations Spark Conspiracy Theories: ‘A lot of people lean toward aliens’ 

Authorities in Oregon are now working to determine how 5 purebred bulls, valued at around $ 6,000 apiece, ended up dead with their bodies drained of all blood and with some of their body parts almost ‘surgically removed’.  This incident happened in late July on an Oregon ranch.  Early explanations were that the mutilations were done by some sick cult. But the lack of evidence has prompted some new theories.

None of the scenes showed signs of a struggle and officials found no footprints. NPR reported that authorities have little evidence and were ruling out wolves, cougars or bears.  There are also no bullet wounds. Silvies Valley Ranch has offered a $ 25,000 reward for information.

Mutilations of livestock were reported across the U.S. west and midwest during the 1970’s.  At that time thousands of cattle and other livestock were found dead with their reproductive organs and sometimes faces removed.

Left-Wing Rioters Attack Trump Supporters Leaving Minneapolis Rally

After  a Trump Rally in Minneapolis on Thursday evening, left-wing rioters attacked supporters of President Trump as they were leaving the Target Arena.  The Trump supporters were assaulted in groups, the rioters stole hats off the heads of the supporters and set them on fire. Some rioters even attacked the police and a lot of the mayhem was captured on social media. The violent group, Antifa seemed to be the main instigator. A correspondent from Blaze TV  which is a conservative news site was maced as he tried to film. It could be seen that some of the rioters were waving communist flags.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey proclaimed Thursday as “ Love Trump Hate Day” and was in solidarity with the protests against Trump. It was evident that some of the protesters were feeling more hate than love.  One person who was not a Trump supporter was reported being attacked by the anti-Trump mob. The rally was a relatively peaceful event with tens of thousands attending. It was clear that the local police were unprepared for the violence from the anti-Trump rioters after the event ended.


‘Kill It Immediately’: Invasive Fish That Can Breathe Air found in Georgia

The Northern Snakehead fish, native to the Yangtze River in China, has been found in waters in Georgia earlier this month.  According to state officials, the fish has also been reported in 14 other states.  The Snakehead is an invasive fish species and wildlife officials are calling on people to ‘ kill it immediately and freeze it.’  The Department of Natural Resources also called on people to  ‘not release it.’ They instruct taking pictures of the fish and include close-ups of its mouth, fins, and tail. They also request information on where the fish was found, type of area and GPS coordinates.

Officials said, “ They have a long dorsal fin that runs along their whole back and have a dark blotchy appearance.”  More alarmingly officials state that the fish can breathe air and can survive in low oxygenated systems.  The Head of the Army Corps of Engineers has sent Congress a $ 778 million plan to fortify an Illinois waterway with noisemakers, electric cables, and other devices in hopes that they will prevent Asian Carp from reaching the Great Lakes, where the aggressive invaders could leave other fish with too little to eat.


Today’s quote is from Mister Rogers,

“ It’s not the honors and prizes and fancy outsides of life that ultimately nourish our souls.  It’s the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is firm.”