Top News Headline Podcast

Top News Headline Podcast

Hong Kong’s Police Use Water Cannon at Mosque Draws Widespread Condemnation 

On the afternoon of Oct 20, about 350,000 Hong Kong protesters marched against the anti-mask law which was recently enacted by the government in an attempt to quell the unrest. At 4 pm local time, a water cannon truck was seen from drone footage, coming down a main street and as it passed in front of the Kowloon Mosque, stopped and then fired blue water from its cannon into a crowd of people in front of the mosque. It showed them being hit as they all tried to escape and before the group could get to safety it fired again on the small crowd.

Those hit by the cannon’s blue water could be heard coughing and retching and asking for water to flush their eyes. One man hit was a 73-year-old man named Chugani. He commented to the Epoch Times, “ I’m 73 yrs old now and I can’t run easily. It’s totally out of my expectation that police can shoot at the elderly.”  Chugani said that his body was in pain and he could not see after the blue liquid hit him.  He eventually had to seek medical treatment at a hospital. The police have not disclosed what chemical is in the water but protesters hit all complained of skin irritations.  Chugani who is not a protester and who actually said he was pro-police told the Epoch Times, “ Now I do not trust them.” After the incident was publicized many city officials including Corrie Lam personally apologized to Chagani.


Homan on 100 criminal illegal immigrants being released in LA Area daily: Voters need to make their voices heard  

Former acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Tom Homan said on Fox & Friends, voters need to make their voices heard if they want to repeal sanctuary city policies.  While speaking to Congress on Tuesday, Tim Robbins, ICE’s top deportation official said that as many as 100 criminal illegal immigrants are being released into the Los Angeles area every day.

Homan spoke about the LA Sheriff who has been releasing the illegals while on Fox News, “ This Sheriff is taking a political stance…he’s not protecting these communities as much as he could.”  Some members of Congress want to pass legislation that would make a cooperation with ICE mandatory.  Homan also stated, “ These people running for the Democratic nomination, every one of them, they want sanctuary cities, they want open borders, they want to abolish ICE.”  One Republican Sen. Thom Tillis said he is working on a bill that would make sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate, to be liable for a civil lawsuit from anyone who is victimized by a migrant released under the sanctuary policy.


UK Police Arrest One as 39 Dead Discovered in EU-Origin Semi Truck Trailer 

A semi-truck discovered in a town on the outskirts of London was found to have inside the bodies of 39 dead people.  One 25 yr old man has been arrested and is being charged on suspicion of murder. Police say they are working on identifying the victims which included 38 adults and one teenager, there were no survivors.  It is speculated that the dead were victims of callous human smugglers.  The truck is believed to have come from Bulgaria which means the trailer crossed Europe with human cargo through several nations, making two sea crossings without being checked by border and customs officials.

Human smugglers are emerging as being among the most prolific killers in modern Europe.  They often receive large sums of money to transport illegal immigrants into and across Europe secretly and many times with tragic consequences.  This was seen previously during the 2015 Europe migrant crisis where 71 dead bodies were discovered inside a truck in Austria.


Payne: New Report Shows ‘egregious’ California taxes continue to drive out big earners  

Due to California’s ‘egregious’ taxes,  many residents and high earners are leaving the state says, Charles Payne Host of Fox Business Network.  California Democrats have raised taxes on high-income families repeatedly.  A report conducted at Stanford University revealed that a 2012 income tax increase drove away many high earners in the state.

Payne told the Fox hosts, “ the bifurcation between wealthy and poor in California is mind-boggling.”  Payne then went on to say, “ It’s so amazing when I hear Democrats talk  about income inequality where every place that they’ve had a chance to dictate tax policy has the worst, the absolute worst divide between the super-rich and super-poor.”


Today’s quote is from Walt Witman,

“ Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you.”