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Top News Headline Podcast

Human Rights Groups, Political Opposition Appalled as Venezuela  Joins UN Human Rights Council

International human rights groups and Political opposition are all expressing their indignation that Venezuela, a country that is known for grave human rights violations, won a seat on the United Nations Human Rights  Council last week.  There were two Latin American seats, Venezuela took one and Brazil the other.  The council has 47 members.  Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the American division of Human Rights Watch or HRW said that appointing Venezuela rather than Costa Rica is  “ an insult to a body whose members are supposed to uphold the highest human rights standards.”

Maduro’s regime in Venezuela is accused of the most brutal of human rights abuses including, torture, murder, disappearances, and sexual violence.  Police security forces in the country are reported to have killed almost 18,000 people.  The HRW says special security forces are violently repressing political opposition in poor neighborhoods.  Many human rights groups other than HRW were also left shocked and enraged by Venezuela winning the seat.  Previous controversial appointments to the council include China, Cuba, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.


Legionnaires Outbreak Linked to North Carolina State Fair Kills Fourth Person: Officials 

Four people have died as a result of a Legionnaires outbreak in North Carolina, state officials announced last week.  The death of a fourth person has been linked to a hot tub display at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.  In a report released Friday by officials from the North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services, it indicated that the hot tub display and a cooling fan outside the center were identified as possible sources of the Legionella bacteria.  A water sample taken from the women’s restroom within the Davis Center tested positive for Legionella pneumophila.  The fair was held on Sept 6- 15.

Health officials have confirmed 141 cases of Legionnaires disease or Pontiac Fever which is a milder form of the illness.  The outbreak has affected North Carolina residents as well as some in other states.  94 people have been hospitalized due to the outbreak.  Legionnaires disease is a severe form of pneumonia and is contracted by inhaling Legionella bacteria.  It is not spread person to person.  The disease is treatable with antibiotics and most people infected recover.  The most common causes of the disease come from water systems like hot tubs and air conditioners.

Poll: Only 6% of Iowa Voters Say Impeachment is the Most Important Issue

A recent poll done by Iowa Emerson College showed that only 6% of the registered voters in Iowa said impeachment was their top issue.  In comparison 33% said the economy was a more important issue, 19% said health care and 10% said social issues.  This is an indication that the House Democrats seemed the most focused on the impeachment of the President.  The Iowa poll also showed that 48% oppose impeachment versus 42% that say they support it.

In another poll done by Axios, a focus group, showed that 9 out of 11 swing voters in Ohio said impeachment is a distraction from issues they care about like, wages, employment, border security and bringing the troops home.  “ The Democrats have some work to do convincing Iowa voters that impeachment is a top priority,” said Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson polling.

Joaquin Castro Posts Article To Accuse Trump Administration of ‘Human Rights Violation’…There’s Just One Problem

Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro has accused the Trump administration of ‘ intentionally’ and ‘permanently’ separating children from their parents and putting them up for adoption.  The only problem with this accusation is that the article from The Hill that Castro used to prove his point, was clearly stated to have occurred during the Obama administration

In the 2018 article from The Hill, it pointed to inconsistencies in federal and state law that allow the children of migrants who have been permanently deported to be adopted by U.S. families.  In a statement from the article Castro posted, a spokesman from DHS stated that all of the cases mentioned occurred under the Obama administration.  In July House Democrats tweeted and then deleted a picture of children in cages that were taken during the Obama administration to try and promote an investigation into ‘inhumane treatment’ at the border. Most of these facts apparently were missed or ignored by Castro in his haste to post the piece.


Today’s quote is from Buddha,

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger”