Top News Headline Podcast

Top News Headline Podcast

Senators Condemn Arson Attack on Hong Kong Epoch Times Printing Press

A group of U.S. Senators has condemned a recent arson attack on the Hong Kong Epoch Times printing shop on Nov 19.  The Senators said it was part of a ‘disturbing trend’ and a strong indication that the Chinese Regime is not intended in its promises to Hong Kong.  On Tuesday the Senate unanimously passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.  The Senators agreed the Act sends a strong message to Beijing that the use of violence and suppression are not the solution for the people of Hong Kong.

On the morning of Nov 19, four masked men dressed in black and carrying batons entered the printing shop of the Hong Kong Epoch Times and poured flammable liquid on the printing press, floor and some nearby stacks of paper and set them on fire. This is the latest intimidation tactic from the CCP to discourage and stop the Epoch Times exposing the truth of what is really going on in Hong Kong. Sen. Josh Hawley (R) said in a statement, “ Any assault on the freedom of the press is an assault of the liberty that was promised to the people of Hong Kong.  It’s an assault on the basic function of a democracy.” There were no injuries reported from the printing shop fire but two printing machines were damaged as well as rolls of paper, newspapers and water damage due to the activation of sprinklers.


Trump Supporters at Binghamton University Travel in ‘Packs’ For Safety After Being Mobbed By Leftists

In a recent report from the Daily Caller, some students at Binghamton University who are Trump supporters, are now having to travel around their campus in ‘packs’ for safety after they were surrounded and mobbed by a group of 200 liberal students.  After the incident, the three conservative students had to be escorted to safety by campus police.  The incident occurred after the students set up a table and display advertising an upcoming Turning Point USA event. The students had some posters and merchandise and we’re even offering free hot chocolate. In a video taken by one of the three conservative students from her phone, a liberal group surrounds the students and in what starts out as chants, name-calling and demands that they “ pack up and leave” escalates to the liberal group destroying their merchandise, overturning the tables and yelling obscenities in their faces.

After experiencing this mob type attack the students now out of fear avoid all main areas of their campus and travel in ‘packs’ for their safety. To add insult to injury the university said they will not bring any action against any of the protesters nor investigate the incident. This is despite a state assemblyman demanding answers regarding the university’s lack of action regarding the incident.


Volker: ‘I  was never involved in anything that I considered bribery at all- or extortion’

Former Ukraine Envoy, Kurt Volker is one of four witnesses called to testify in the impeachment inquiry hearings this Tuesday.  He told lawmakers before the House Intelligence Committee that he believes there was no bribery, extortion or quid pro quo in any of the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine.  Volker’s testimony served to ‘underscore’ issues in the Democrat’s investigations of the President for impeachment.  Volker told the committee Tuesday that he did not think Trump’s conduct with Ukraine amounted to bribery or a quid pro quo.

Following the days’ hearings, White House Secretary, Stephanie Grisham said that the Democrats’ central allegation had been ‘completely debunked’.  She went on to say, “Specifically Ambassador Volker confirmed under oath that he had no indication whatsoever of anything that resembled a quid pro quo…with the Democrats poll-tested ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘bribery’ narratives in shambles, the American public should not be forced to endure this charade for one more second.”  It is interesting to note that none of the witnesses who have testified to date, have identified any alleged criminal acts in Trump’s call with Zelensky, a phone transcript released by the White House on Sept 25.


Media Outlets Attribute Obama-era Child Detention Stats to Trump, issue retractions 

A rather embarrassing media error had a lot of mainstream news outlets quickly deleting their posts and comments.  On Monday, Manfred Nowak, an expert from the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, made the claim that 100,000 migrant children were detained by the Trump administration.  He went on to claim that this is the world’s highest rate of detained children. However, the next day he retracted his statement and acknowledged that the number he cited actually came from the statistics in 2015, which would put this record tragedy under the Obama administration.

As you can imagine Nowak’s admission prompted several main media outlets to quickly withdraw their stories. The headlines were abuzz with comments and swipes against President Trump and his awful and evil treatment of families and children etc.  Some of the media that had to backstep and detract their statements were NPR, Reuters, AP, NBC, Al Jazeera, and Bernie Sanders.  Sanders said in a now-deleted tweet, “ Under Trump America leads the world in locking up little kids-including 100,000 children at the border.”  Donald Trump Jr blasted the media and said on Twitter, “ I guess they only withdraw true stories that make Obama look bad rather than leaving up the truth for everyone to see. This is why no one trusts the media!”


Today’s quote is from Benjamin Franklin.

“ Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”