Top News Headlines Podcast-Oct  4, 2019

Top News Headlines Podcast-Oct  4, 2019

Cities in North America Fly Chinese Flag on Regime’s Anniversary, Drawing Ire From Local Groups 

In Philadelphia on October 1st, which is the day marking 70 years of Communist Party rule, the Communist flag was raised outside its city hall.  The flag was raised during a ceremony to ‘celebrate pride in the local Chinese-American community’, said the Mayor’s office.  Many local groups objected to the event. One of the many voices raised was from Jessica Russo,  a member of the advocacy group. Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting or DAFOH. She said in a statement sent to the mayor’s office,

“ Raising this flag, a symbol of the birth of the CCP on October 1, 1949, is only celebrating tyranny, repression and death.”

Philadelphia was not the only American city to have raised the Chinese flag on Oct 1. The Chinese flag was raised at Boston’s City Hall Plaza on Sept 29.  The city of San Francisco held a flag-raising ceremony and raised the Chinese flag which it has done yearly for decades. In Canada Toronto Mayor, John Tory had to boycott their flag ceremony citing current Canada-China tensions.

Planned Parenthood Built Secret Abortion ‘Mega-Clinic’ in Illinois Under Shell Company

According to a CBS report,  Planned Parenthood is set to open a new 18,000 square foot ‘mega-clinic’ in southern Illinois.  The construction of the clinic has been kept secret for over a year and used a Shell Company to build the clinic under the code name, Alaska, the report stated.

The clinic is located in Fairview heights just miles from its neighboring state of Missouri.  It is only 13 miles from Missouri’s last remaining abortion clinic in St. Louis.  The massive new abortion clinic will accommodate patients from nearby states that have strict abortion laws.  Colleen McNichols, chief medical officer for Planned Parenthood in the region said the clinic was built in stealth to avoid protests and delays.

Lila Rose. President of pro-life group Live Action, commented after the announcement of the new mega abortion clinic on Twitter, “ Communities don’t want abortion clinics near their homes or schools so Planned Parenthood lies and manipulates to build their business.” She added, “ Illinois’s new abortion law is even more radical than New York’s.  It permits the killing of babies through all nine months, deregulates all abortion facilities and allows non-physicians to commit abortions. It’s no wonder,” she added, “ Planned Parenthood has rushed in to build their empire. Horrific.”

North Korea Sends Missile Into Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone Ahead of Talks with U.S. 

North Korea carried out a missile launch into Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.  The incident was announced by Japan’s Coast Guard on October 2.  South Korea said North Korea fired an unidentified projectile that morning from somewhere around Wonson, in the southeast Kangwon province toward the sea to the east.

Japan’s Coast Guard said it appeared to be a missile and warned vessels in the area not to approach any debris.  Japan’s  Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga told the media the missile appeared to have fallen in the Sea of Japan, which is Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

The launch came just a day after North Korea announced it would resume talks with the U.S. on October 5.  Pyongyang launched several short-range missiles in July, four in August and two in September. This seems to be a pattern with the regime as right before any talks and negotiations with the United States, North Korea conducts one of its ‘missile tests.’  The timing of the tests seems to be a statement that the communist regime intends to negotiate from a position of strength.

Today’s quote is from Alexander Hamilton

“ The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records.  They are written, as a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of Divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.”