Top Headline News Podcast-Oct 3,2019

Top Headline News Podcast-Oct 3,2019

Trump Campaign, RNC Break Fundraising Record and Raise $125 Million in Third Quarter 

Republican Party officials said on Oct 1, Trump has set a new presidential fundraising record after reaching $125 million in the last three months. The Trump campaign also said that about $8 million will be spent on an advertisement that will ‘hit back’ at the Democrats for attempting to ‘steal’ the 2020 campaign.  The RNC says it will also use $2 million to attack Democrats for supporting Trump’s impeachment.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “ We are investing millions on the airwaves and on the ground to hold House Democrats accountable, highlight their obstruction, and take back the House and reelect President Trump in 2020.”  The Trump team is planning on spending $1 billion on Trump’s reelection.

Florida Law Banning Sanctuary Cities Enters Into Full Force 

Florida’s controversial law banning sanctuary cities is now in effect.  There are some provisions however blocking local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.  The law is now known as SB 168 and colloquially called the ‘ sanctuary city ban’ was put in full force as of Oct 1.

Miami District Judge, Beth Bloom on Monday issued an order blocking some of the provisions of SB 168.  The law would have required local police to cross state lines to help federal immigration authorities but now the officers have to detain illegal immigrants until the feds come to collect them.  SB 168 stipulates that Florida police officers must cooperate with federal agencies and hold detainees in jail for an extra two days until immigration officials or ICE can take them to a detention center.

Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis made this comment at the April 26th bill signing, “ Earlier this year I made a promise that we would ban sanctuary cities in Florida and today we are delivering on that promise. I am proud to sign the bill presented to me by the Florida legislature to uphold the rule of law and ensure that no city or county jurisdiction can get in the way of Florida’s cooperation with our federal partners to enforce immigration law.”

Over Half A Million Central Americans Entered Mexico Illegally In First Half Of 2019  

In a recent statistic revealing the extent of the immigration crisis, Mexico’s Interior Secretary, Olga Sanchez Cordero said that more than 500,000 Central American migrants entered Mexico between January and June of this year. The majority of the migrants were from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador which is a Central American region known as the Northern Triangle.

The White House has been working with these countries to try to reduce the flow of migrants emanating from their borders. Most of the migrants that pass through Mexico are en route to the United States seeking asylum claims. The number of migrants that passed through Mexico in 2017 totaled only 93,486 and the number for 2018 was 138,612.  So half a million in just the first half of 2019 is quite an immigration crisis.

The Trump administration has set up some ‘asylum deals’ with the Northern Triangle countries. The agreements call on these governments to allow US-bound migrants to seek protected status within their countries, thus reducing the number of migrants who reach the US-Mexico border. The White House has said it would in turn help improve their asylum capacities.

Rashida Tlaib tells Detroit Police Chief to hire only black analysts for the facial recognition program 

On Monday while on a tour of Detroit’s real Time Crime center, Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit’s Chief of Police, James Craig, that he should only hire black people as facial recognition software analysts because she claimed non-black people think they all look alike. Tlaib said, “ Analysts need to be African-Americans, not people that are not.  It’s true I think Non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.” She elaborated that people have mixed up Reps John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, who are both black and bald.

Chief Craig, who is black, did not agree with Tlaib’s suggestion.  He replied, “ I trust people who are trained, regardless of race, regardless of gender.” Craig went on to show Tlaib how his analysts examine the software’s results before making determinations.” To which Tlaib replied, “ See if you can get some of our money back until they fix it.” To which Craig simply replied, “No.”

Tlaib was invited to tour the facility after she publicly used an expletive when referring to facial recognition software technology.  The police Chief extended the invitation to Tlaib in August.  The Chief said on social media, “ Before you criticize the software, come to our Real-Time Crime Center to see how we responsibly use it in efforts to identify criminals involved in violent crimes.”

Today’s quote is from Thomas Jefferson

“ Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”