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Today’s Top Stories | Who built China’s Firewall? 

February 14, 2019 Top Stories with Mark Jackson & Zooming In with Simone Gao

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Today’s Top Stories: 

  1. No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion (0:21)
  2. Food Stamp Households Drop (1:24)
  3. National Debt  (2:02)
  4. Florida Common Core Rollback (2:40)
  5. Westminster Winner  (4:15)

Today’s quote is from Patrick Henry: (4:39)

“The militia is our ultimate safety. We can have no security without it.”


Zooming In with Simone Gao | Who built China’s Firewall? (5:05)

In this week’s episode of “Zooming In,” we discussed who built China’s Great Firewall and how American Tech companies, such as CISCO, helped the Chinese communist regime with the Internet blockage and surveillance technology. We interviewed Yu Chao, a graduate from China’s equivalent to MIT. Mr. Yu is a Falun Gong practitioner who revealed the persecution of his faith by the Chinese Communist Party to foreign journalists.

He was put in jail for 10 years because of it.

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