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Now, who is the famous couple that headed a spy ring, and passed military secrets to the Soviets? The Rosenbergs!

Well, you might have guessed the Clintons, but Ethel and Julius Rosenberg did it in the 1940s.

It was during the Cold War. Orwell coined the term, Cold War, referring to his predicted nuclear stalemate between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Or the superpowers, as they were called.

It was called a war, but there was no official declaration. The threat of communism was on the rise through the brutal leadership of Stalin.

Though they never fought hand-to-hand combat, the superpowers waged power wars through the development of weapons and technology. Soviet spies recruited Julius because he was an enthusiastic communist, and he had a job working for the Army Signal Corps Engineering Labs, which made him an enticing recruit.

Ethel, his wife, was her husband’s biggest supporter, so they say. She actively participated in her husband’s activities but this fact is still in controversy today. Her husband was surely guilty, and an avid recruiter for the Russians. He oversaw several spies himself.

Ultimately, the Rosenbergs trafficked in the design of nuclear weapons. American atomic secrets were handed over to the Soviet Union. Julius and Ethel were executed for their spying eyes, yet they were the only ones to be at that time.

So how about those Clintons, Bill, and Hillary. Some like to compare them to Julius and Ethel. Why you may ask. Are they spies for the Russians? Well, actually according to the FBI and DOJ President Trump is colluding with the Russians, and that would make him a traitor, just like the Rosenbergs. But so far there’s no proof of that.

Meanwhile, the Clintons have allegedly trafficked in the raw material for nuclear weapons — uranium. This too is a traitorous act, along with the lines of espionage, just like the Rosenbergs.

In a Fox News interview between commentator Sean Hannity, and former deputy assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, the two discussed collusion in the Democratic National Committee.

Sound Bite: 2:06 – 3:12 “Where’s the collusion Sean?”

Secretary of State Clinton and her husband, Bill, were involved in the 2009 U.S. decision to allow the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian mining firm with licenses to mine American uranium deposits in Kazakhstan.

Hillary’s husband, Bill, is her biggest supporter…After all, Bill’s always been friendly with the Russians. He even got paid $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow.

The Clintons, like the Rosenbergs, arguably enhanced the ability of our enemies to produce nuclear weapons to be used against the United States. This is no different from what the Rosenbergs did, and they got the electric chair for their crime.

Dan Bongino, a conservative commentator, agrees:

Sound Bite: 4:39 – 5:08 “On the collusion front…”

So, apparently former FBI Director Comey planned to end his investigation of Hillary Clinton in April or May of 2016. Now, this was before up to 17 key witnesses, including Clinton herself, had even been interviewed and the head of the DOJ agreed.

Well, I wonder what happened next.

Sound Bite: 1:47 – 3:04 “With regards to Secretary Clinton…”

Even Congress knew about Hillary and Bill’s Uranium One deal.


Sound Bite: 3:39 – 4:22 “Comey contradicted these transcripts…”

4:43 – 5:20 In September 2016, the FBI during…”


The 12-page resolution makes reference to the office of DOJ inspector general’s notes in a multi-state investigation into questionable dealings of the Clinton Foundation and corrupt donors, which also was abruptly shut down by the DOJ.

The FBI and DOJ even used unreliable sources to obtain the right to spy on American citizens.

Soundbite 8:30 – 9:45 “With regards to FISA abuse…”


And that’s not all. There were many other violationsBut, at last, we get to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Soundbite 11:13-13:22 “With regards to the Trump-Russia probe…”


If you have any doubt that Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee could have had anything to do with the corrupt actions of the FBI and the DOJ, stay tuned.

Because the investigation is officially re-opened and those 17 key people, including Hillary Clinton, will be interviewed.

This has been a special report. I’m Arleen Richards. Thank you for listening to America Daily.