Part Two Interview with the PBR’s Rookie of the Year Keyshawn Whitehouse & Bull Fighter Cody Webster

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  1. Border Security National Emergency (0:20)
  2. El Paso Border Apprehensions  (1:01)
  3. US-China Trade Talks Resume  (2:04)
  4. Justice Ginsburg Returns  (2:33)
  5. Amazon Cancels NYC Deal  (3:05)

Today’s quote is from Calvin Coolidge: (3:29)

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

The Story of the Day | Part Two Interview with the PBR’s Cody Webster & Keyshawn Whitehouse (4:00)

What does it take to be a world class bull rider in the PBR?

All season long the bull riders compete in different events like the Velocity Tour or the Elite Unleash the Beast Tour. Then it all culminates in Las Vegas, Nevada for the PBR Finals. This is where the top 40 bull riders in the world compete in six rounds of bull riding competition over five days to determine the winner of the event as well as the PBR World Champion. The cash prize is $1,000,000 and a new Ford Truck as well as of course the Gold Buckle. It is a very exciting event.

Keyshawn Whitehorse attempts to ride Broken Arrow Bucking Bulls’s Chain Smoker during the first round of the Milwaukee PBR 25th Anniversary Unleash the Beast. Photo by Andy Watson
Today we are talking with Keyshawn Whitehorse, a Native American from Utah. He had an incredible ride of 89.5 on a bull named Wicked Dreams and won the title of 2018 Rookie of the Year
Keyshawn Whitehorse wins the Rookie of the Year during the fifth round of the World Finals PBR 25th anniversary Unleash the Beast. Photo credit must be given on all use; Photo by Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

Then there are the bullfighters.

They may have some clown make up on but these guys are not out there in the arena to be funny.

Flint Rasmussen is funny though, he is the entertainer and he is a show in himself, but these bullfighters are the guardians and savers of the bull riders. You see you can get on a bull and maybe even ride him for 8 seconds but then you still have to get off and the bulls usually don”t stop and let you off.

This where the bullfighter’s incredible speed and teamwork come in. They distract the bull if the rider is down and even jump in front of the bull and take the hit to protect the downed bull rider. They are right up there with firefighters. When most everyone is running away these brave souls jump right in the thick of it.

Today we speak with Cody Webster a professional bullfighter from Wayne, Oklahoma. He has an impressive list of achievements and he is still a young man, 2014 PBR World Finals Bullfighter, 3x PRCA Bull Fighter of the Year Nominee, and much much more.


You can more of Cody’s work on his Youtube channel here: