CPAC 2019 – The Message “Expose Socialism & fight against it in America!”

Summary of Interview: (0:05)


We asked our reporter, Tabitha Smiles, who attended for America Daily what her experience was and what was the overall message at CPAC this year?

Tabitha: What Makes America Great, was the byline for the CPAC schedule this year but I think the main theme from all the speakers was that we have to expose and fight socialism in America now more than ever. The theme was clear that Americans need to fight back against all the censorship to get the truth out on this issue.

CPAC 2019 By The Numbers

19,252   Total CPAC 2019 Attendees Including more than 9,000 attendees at three satellite campuses
9,252     Total Attendance At National CPAC In Maryland, Breaking The Previous Record
2,604     Total Student Attendance At CPAC 2019
357        Diverse Thought Leaders And Grassroots Conservative Activists Spoke At CPAC 2019
3,370     Media Articles And Posts Mention CPAC 2019
3,500     Mentions of CPAC 2019 On Television
53          Radio Shows Broadcast From CPAC 2019

Today’s Top News Stories:

  1. Leaked Documents Reveal Facebook Engineers Try To Suppress Right- Wing Arguments (20:11)
  2. Youtube Now Has Suspended Comments on All Videos of Children (21:20)
  3. Subaru Announces Global Recall Over Brake Lights (22:09)

Today’s quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”