Today’s Top Stories | Celebrating Benjamin Franklin’s Life

Today’s Top Stories | Celebrating Benjamin Franklin’s Life
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Today’s Top Stories: 

  1. Missile Defense Announcement (0:25)
  2.  Microsoft Affordable Housing (1:14)
  3. Kenya Hotel Siege (1:52)
  4. Facebook Removes Russia-linked Accounts (2:27)
  5. Largest Data Breach Collection (3:06)

Today’s quote comes from Mark Twain: (3:45)

“Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.”

The Story of the Day | Celebrating Benjamin Franklin’s Life: (4:15)

Today we review all the great things about Benjamin Franklin on his 313th Birthday and we look in depth at his Book of Virtues. He came up with 13 Virtues that he used to guide his actions from.

Most of us know Benjamin Franklin as being one of our U.S. Founding Fathers. But did you know how extremely talented and diverse his skills were? He was an author and printer, scientist, diplomat, and statesman and most importantly he seemed to have a big heart in wanting to help those around him. He was an incredibly observant person and knowledgeable through his own self-study and cultivation of his character!!

  1. Temperance (do not overindulge with food or drink)
  2. Silence (no idle chit chat)
  3. Order (be organized)
  4. Resolution (don’t flake out on commitments)
  5. Frugality (do not waste)
  6. Industry (be productive)
  7. Sincerity (be truthful in your actions and deeds)
  8. Justice ( do not seek revenge)
  9. Moderations (never go to extremes)
  10. Cleaniless ( keep a clean home and appearance)
  11. Tranquility ( be calm/ avoid drama)
  12. Chasity (stay committed to your marriage/ no cheating)
  13. Humility (Imitate Jesus or Socrates is one suggestion. Find good role models to follow)




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