This Is War: Chicago Police Release Footage Showing Ambush by Violent Mob -video

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This Is War: Chicago Police Release Footage Showing Ambush by Violent Mob

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All eyes are on Chicago.

In seeming response to criticism of policing from the city council’s Progressive Caucus, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) on Monday released footage from a Friday protest-turned-riot in which violent agitators hurled projectiles and fireworks at officers protecting a statue of Christopher Columbus, resulting in 49 officers injured.

During the Monday news conference, CPD leadership said 18 of the officers had to be treated at area hospitals and police have been ordered to wear their protective gear at future protests.

“What began as a peaceful protest at Grant Park Friday evening devolved into a very dangerous situation, in which mob action deliberately sought to injure officers,” said CPD Superintendent David Brown.

Much of the media’s coverage of the Friday incident has been referring to protesters as “peaceful” and highlighting accusations of police brutality in the case of Miracle Boyd, an 18-year-old woman who claims to have been hit by officers, knocking out some of her teeth.

The footage, however, paints a far different story. Rather than being the aggressors, the video released by CPD shows that it was members of the mob who initiated violence against the officers in what can best be described as a literal ambush.

In one scene, the footage shows that rioters, hidden from the view of police by nonviolent members of the crowd, took out a change of black clothing from their backpacks and put it on prior to engaging the officers. They also took out blunt objects for throwing, such as frozen water bottles and fireworks.

In one case, a flammable device that exploded near an officer broke his eye socket. CPD said the officer still has difficulty seeing and may need surgery.

Superintendent Brown emphatically called on the members of the media present to report on the violence of the rioters:

You need to really report on the violence that happened toward our officers. Peaceful demonstrations have been hijacked by violent mobs. Yet, in the face of this action to provoke a violent response, the vast majority of officers have been professional and have exhibited great restraint — and have upheld their oath to protect lives, rights, and property of our residents.

What began as a peaceful protest at Grant Park Friday evening devolved into a very dangerous situation in which mob action deliberately sought to injure officers, provoke retaliation, and damage property.…

This cannot stand. We cannot be a city that thinks mob action of a crowd is acceptable behavior. When mob action occurs, CPD is forced to divert our manpower away from deterring violent crime in our neighborhoods in order to quell the unrest. This puts lives at risk of violence, particularly in the south and west sides of our city.

Asked by a reporter if he believes the organizers of the protest knew some of their participants were going to attack police, Brown replied: “God I hope not, but it sure looks like it.” He also said their preliminary intelligence suggests there was “outside influence” behind the violence.

Portland also finds itself facing violence and chaos at the hands of rioters assaulting government buildings and law-enforcement officers. Even while they throw objects at police and start fires, the mainstream media continues to justify the rioters. One of the revolutionary groups leading the charge in Portland is the “anti-fascist” organiation Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front.

In a new phenomenon, a “Wall of Moms, consisting of groups of left-wing older women, has sprung up to insulate the agitators from police.

Black Lives Matter leaders have admitted that they are “trained Marxists.” As The New American has previously reported, Antifa documents show that these riots are highly organized and that the leadership deliberately employs warfare tactics.

As the author of one Antifa document describing the siege of Minneapolis’ Third Police Precinct noted, the radicals’ goal was to stir the police to violence: “It’s important to note that the dynamic we saw on Day Two did not involve using non-violence and waiting for repression to escalate the situation. Instead, a number of individuals stuck their necks out very far to invite police violence and escalation.”

But once officers moved to engage, the mob employed their “peaceful” members to discourage reprisal, “interrupting police violence with strategically deployed ‘innocence’ (‘Hands up! Don’t shoot!’).”

The Marxist revolutionaries disguised as civil rights activists have openly declared war on America. If we don’t take them at their word and act accordingly, it will soon be too late to salvage our nation.


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