Third Reich Redux

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Third Reich Redux

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The coronavirus emergency set the stage for many decrees by officials — many unconstitutional — telling citizens what to do. Such abuses of power can easily become permanent.

The Dallas Observer attempted to shame people into obeying government stay-at-home mandates in an article entitled “The Coronavirus Challenge: Don’t Be Selfish or Stupid. Stay Home.” The article asserted about the non-followers of the mandates:

Refusing to stay put while bragging that you’re unafraid is not heroic. It’s villainous. You’re volunteering to host a deadly virus that might kill someone else. That’s like offering Ted Bundy shelter for the night because you don’t fit his victim profile, when you have a house full of sorority girls.

Major media, government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, and politicians have pressured Americans to follow onerous lockdown orders put out by governors, such as ones from Michigan that both “prohibit in-person work that is not necessary to sustain or protect life” yet allow liquor stores to remain open. Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued edicts seemingly as whims struck her: allowing hardware stores to open yet not allowing large department stores to sell hardware supplies, allowing kayaking while not allowing boating in motorized boats, and encouraging food delivery but not allowing furniture delivery.

For the most part, those on the ideological left have strongly supported the mandates — in words, at least, if not always in deeds — while those on the right supported precautions so that people could make up their own minds about how to respond to the disease and railed against mandatory lockdowns wherein government chose workplace winners and losers.

The Right often has labeled the government mandates totalitarian, while the Left dubbed the Right callous and selfish.

But history suggests that the Right has been right. Not only have the coronavirus lockdowns been shown to not work any better at preventing deaths than not locking down, the decrees issued by government in America today are frighteningly similar to the emergency decrees of the early 1930s in Germany. Those decrees led the German people, in many cases acting out of misguided patriotism coupled with naïve faith in the honesty of their political leaders, into blindly obeying as their country abandoned the rule of law (laws passed by their legislature) and sank into a dictatorship by decrees. Once Germany began rule by decree, instead of representative government, it went down the slippery slope to dictatorship in only about three years.


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