The UN’s Communist Ties: An Interview with Alex Newman

The UN’s Communist Ties: An Interview with Alex Newman

Today’s guest has written extensively about the United Nations and its ties to communism. We’ll discuss the people behind the UN; how the UN is trying to dictate American policy; and why countries like China are being put in UN leadership positions.

Today’s Guest:

Alex Newman is an author and contributing editor and foreign correspondent for The New American. He has exposed corruption in the United Nations, especially in UNESCO.

The United Nations’ Communist Roots

You have written extensively on the United Nations in many articles for The New American. In your articles you very critical of it for many reasons. But first, could you give us a history of the United Nations and its founding?

Mr. Newman:  The history of the UN actually goes back to before the UN. There had been numerous previous efforts to try to get the world involved in some kind of international organization that would gradually centralize power, and the League of Nations was probably the premier effort prior to the UN. Obviously, the U.S. Senate killed that. And so a coalition, if you will, of globalists and communists and subversives created an institution called the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. This was in 1921, and one of the key goals of this was to get the United States involved in an international organization along the lines of the League of Nations. I mean, obviously, they had to go back to the drawing board, but after World War II, they thought the time was right to do that.

So the victorious powers got together, you know, really the three that mattered were the United States’ government, the British government, and the Soviet government … the real leading forces where these three. And once you get rid of Britain–they played a much more minor role than the U.S. government, than the Soviet government in creating the UN. You really ended up with the Americans and the Soviets.

A mug shot of Alger Hiss from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. (Public domain)

So the Soviets came together with the Americans in San Francisco and a lot of other powers. Stalin’s delegation obviously played a lead role. And then the United States, we picked a guy called Alger Hiss to represent us–and I shouldn’t say “we” because this really was the U.S. government that did this. And Alger Hiss was a very prominent bureaucrat at the State Department. Very well known, a lot of troubling things in his background. But the powers at this summit really loved Alger Hiss. In fact, they loved him so much, they made him the leader of this whole summit. They made him the first secretary general of the UN. He became the chairman of the conference that created the UN charter. We later threw Alger Hiss in prison, by the way, because he was working for Joseph Stalin. So the lead U.S. representative at this conference ended up being a Soviet agent.

They created the UN, and even the ones who were never proven to be communists or agents of Joseph Stalin, people like John Foster Dulles, who was one of the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations, very, very prominent … He wrote in his book War and Peace that the purpose of this new UN that they had created was to eventually create a world government. And he thought that the UN Charter would be quite adequate to that task without any significant modifications, that it would have teeth in it. And it was just a matter of time before they could really develop that from the nucleus of the system into being a full fledged global government.

How the UN Tries to Dictate American Policy

The UN has this image where it’s this peacekeeping force that is trying to solve the world’s conflicts. And you’re saying it’s basically a front for the Soviet Union and these globalists to push their agenda. So what policies are they pushing here, and how are they doing this?

Mr. Newman: If you want to know the types of policies that the UN is pushing, you don’t have to speculate. You don’t even have to dig all that deep. If you go to the UN’s website, for example, or any of the UN’s specialized agencies, they’re very clear about what they’re doing.

For example, the state of Alabama and a number of other American states have passed laws in recent months–a lot of them this year, some last year–either regulating or restricting the killing of unborn babies and abortion. Under our constitutional system of government, the 10th Amendment reserves all powers not granted to the federal government to our state governments. So regulating or restricting the killing of babies, that’s a state responsibility unless and until we pass a constitutional amendment.

Well, the UN said, no, no, no, the U.S. government has an obligation to step in here and make sure that babies can continue to be killed at taxpayer expense and all this. Well, first of all, that’s way outside of the UN’s purview, but they signed all these international agreements. They call them international law now. And so here’s the UN telling the U.S. government that our state governments are not allowed to regulate or restrict the killing of unborn babies. For a lot of Americans, that is deeply offensive. Even if you agree with abortion, that’s deeply offensive, right? Why is the dictator’s club that is the UN going to be dictating abortion policy in the United States? That’s crazy. We’re quite capable of governing ourselves, thank you very much.

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