Trump Weekly Report: Fake News, Trade Deals, & Greenland,

Trump Weekly Report: Fake News, Trade Deals, & Greenland


On Aug 18th President Trump got his week started by tweeting about the Fake News coverage & Polls…….

He also gave a shout out to support his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who may run for the NH Senate Run.

President Trump re-tweeted a Steve Hilton report on how his policies are helping the average American. 

President Trump also retweeted a Judicial Watch update about the ongoing investigation into the Spygate scandal by the Obama Administration.

President Trump made remarks about general topics with Greenland, Afghanistan, Trade Deals, and the economy.

Last week the President also signed two “PRESIDENTIAL MEMORANDA” and one “PROCLAMATIONS”.

On Aug 20th President Trump Put out the “Presidential Memorandum on Launch of Spacecraft Containing Space Nuclear Systems”

Aug 21st President Trump issued the “Presidential Memorandum on Discharging the Federal Student Loan Debt of Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans”.

Aug 23rd President Trump made a Proclamation for Presidential Proclamation on Women’s Equality Day, 2019″


President Donald J. Trump Will Work with G7 Allies to Build a Future of Opportunity and Promise for All Our Nations FOREIGN POLICY – Issued on 

“WORKING WITH G7 PARTNERS: President Donald J. Trump will meet with leaders of G7 nations to further our cooperation and relations with several of the world’s largest economies. 

President Trump will work with our partners during this year’s G7 to chart a course for growth and prosperity around the world.

President Trump will use the G7 as an opportunity to work with our fellow G7 nations to:

  • Promote economic prosperity based on President Trump’s pro-growth model.

  • Tackle the rise of unfair trade practices to achieve free, fair, and reciprocal trade.

  • Encourage the economic empowerment of women around the world.

  • Lead sustainable development and security efforts.

  • Incentivize innovation in the global economy.

  • Support economic growth, energy security, and responsible environmental protection.

PROMOTING GROWTH AND PROSPERITY: America’s economic revival under President Trump is an example for other nations to follow. 

President Trump has led the way in enacting pro-jobs, pro-growth policies that generate prosperity for all citizens.

President Trump’s policies are adding millions of new jobs to our economy and bringing American industries back to life.

  • More than 6 million jobs have been added since President Trump’s election.
  • More than $800 billion has been brought back to the United States since the President’s historic tax cuts.

The President wants other nations to share in our success and urges leaders around the world to implement policies like tax reform and deregulation that promote strong economic growth.

Growth and prosperity in other nations is good for the United States – we benefit when strong, stable markets for American goods exist worldwide.

Last year President Trump signed the Save Our Seas Act, which promotes international action to reduce marine debris and authorizes action to address severe marine debris events.”


President Trump again gave a mini-press conference to talk more about the economy, Russia in the G7, Obama, China Trade, and policies.

He mentioned that he was the ‘Chosen One’ to take on China and Trade in the below video. Trump mentioned that his predecessors left him with a mess to clean up and that America has lost billions of dollars due to our bad trade deals in the past.

Trump says “he’s the Chosen One” (14:53 – 17:40)

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