The Inconvenient Truth About the Border: Interview with Brandon Darby

Is the U.S.-Mexico border safe? El Paso, Texas, is one of the heaviest drug smuggling corridors in the country, but it is considered a safe city. Why is that? If you care about migrants, how could you be in favor of a wall? Who is responsible for the border crisis? There’s been a lot of talking, but not a lot of doing. Do 75 percent of Republicans in Congress really not support border barriers? And does President Trump get accurate information about the border? Today Simone Gao from “Zooming In” discusses these issues and more.

National Guard at the Border

Today’s Guest:

Brandon Darby is the director of the Breitbart Border and Cartel Chronicle projects. He is a former FBI informant and a true expert on Mexican cartels who has spent a decade cruising along all nine sectors of the U.S.-Mexican border. He expresses frustration with our immigration system. The inconvenient truth he has to tell may be precisely what we need to hear.