The Healing Effects of Nature

Studies have shown that nature is a very effective healer, both mentally and physically, and even spiritually. Today we talk about the healing effects of nature and guided healing nature trails.

Healing Nature -- America Daily
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Today’s Guest:

Michael Jason Fox works at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School in northern Wisconsin. He has worked at the school for over five years, and he helped build the Healing Nature Trail.

The Healing Nature Trail

Nature Trail -- America Daily
Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. (Photo by John Westrock on Unsplash)

A lot of people are suffering trauma in cities. There might be chronic low level stress, events in their lives that have really affected them 10, 20 years or throughout their whole lives. How would the Healing Nature Trail get them to a point where they feel better about themselves or healed?

Michael Jason Fox: Well, I think consciousness is sort of the end of victimization. I’m not saying that a personal trauma is a victim. Definitely there’s a lot of trauma in the world. But there comes a time in the grieving process of acceptance. And I think nature has a really beautiful way of cradling us, helping us to release. So just getting out on the trail, breathing, getting out of the thought patterns, being here now, not in the past or in the future, but being present and enjoying the moment. I think that’s the beginning of the healing process.

Addicted to Stress

Earlier you said  humans are actually addicted to stress in some ways. Can you elaborate more about that?

Michael Jason Fox: Yeah, I’ve been really fascinated with studying consciousness and the work that’s been done with Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics and that line of work. It’s been proven that humans are generally operating in a fight, flight, motor stress, hormone overload, like 70 percent of our lives. And 95 percent of the time we’re in our subconscious mind, which is our programming, our reactions, our repetitive nature. So 5 percent of the time we’re functioning from that really creative place of our desires and our wishes and in consciousness.

So that’s the place, that flat flow state, that’s what I’m talking about getting into is that 5 percent, that place of pure presence and consciousness and accepting the world as it is and you being a part of it. I think that’s one of the big benefits that a lot of people don’t get a chance to experience. And sometimes it might take a quiet, beautiful place to facilitate that. — Michael Jason Fox

Words of Wisdom from the Wilderness

So in this world, there’s also a lot of negativity and sometimes it’s hard to get a positive perspective. What would you recommend as somebody that’s lived for five years in the wilderness and also helping people at the nature trail, you know, taking what you learned about the human condition?

Michael Jason Fox: There’s so many different variables in that equation. Fitness, nutrition, time in nature, following your bliss, getting out of the victim mentality, that “poor me” and empowering yourself, breaking patterns, reprogramming, living in unity rather than division and separation being as a question, not having that hard judgment about things being right or wrong or good or bad, but rather coming at it, being open and seeing what’s there. Most of all heart-centered consciousness, tuning into the heart space and listening to the council that’s there and connecting with people and opportunities in each moment through the heart. If we can take an emotion and a thought together and put them in our heart space and really feel from the heart, that’s powerful and magnetic and that we can start to create our realities and our perceptions will change and the world changes.

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