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Texas Uncovers 95,000 Non-Citizens On It’s Voter Rolls

January 28, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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Texas Uncovers 95,000 Non-Citizens On Its Voter Rolls

The state of Texas has recently uncovered 95,000 non-citizens on its voter rolls and more alarmingly, 58,000 have voted in elections going back to 1996. This new discovery does now raise concerns about widespread voter fraud in the state.

This investigation was announced on Friday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. His office said in a statement. “ Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice.”

Last year there were 33 people prosecuted for voter fraud and between 2005-2017, 97 were prosecuted for voter fraud. Texas is known to have some of the nation’s toughest ID laws.

The findings were a result of an 11-month investigation carried out by the Texas Department of Safety. In a tweet by Governor Greg Abbott he said.” Thanks to Attorney General Paxton and the Secretary of State for uncovering and investigating this illegal voter registration. I support prosecution where appropriate. The State will work on legislation to safeguard against these illegal practices.”

The findings and results of this investigation will likely stir up some debate on the widespread speculation of voter fraud throughout the country. President Trump set up a commission to investigate allegations of voter fraud after the 2016 election. However, it was stopped by Trump after the investigations stirred up opposition from states and in-fighting. President Trump said at the time that he felt that the reason the Democrats refused to hand over data was that they knew that a lot of people were voting illegally.

The Democrats claim that the Republicans are accusing them of voter fraud so that they can discourage minority voters by enforcing tighter voter ID laws. In a statement by Rep Rafael Anchia to the Associated Press he said, “Because we have consistently seen Texas politicians conjure the specter of voter fraud as a pretext to suppress legitimate votes, we are naturally skeptical.”

With Texas known as a tough state that has strict ID voter laws and in this state such a huge number of non-citizen voters was uncovered what if all states had similar investigations?


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