Tennessee Governor: Autonomous Zones Won’t Be Tolerated

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Tennessee Governor: Autonomous Zones Won’t Be Tolerated

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee put out a warning to rioters and anarchists seeking to replicate Seattle’s autonomous zone, saying that “lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated.”

According to the Tennessean, activists aligned with the recent protests over the death of George Floyd intended to set up their own autonomous zone within the state’s capital.

A group of about 50 individuals gathered outside the state Capitol Building around 5 p.m. on Friday. Prior to the gathering, Lee issued the following statement:

We encourage Tennesseans to exercise their First Amendment rights and have seen many examples of peaceful protests across our state in recent weeks. As demonstrations continue, we will continue to protect Tennesseans’ right to peaceful assembly, while also reassuring citizens that lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated.

“Further, Tennessee law expressly prohibits camping on state property not expressly designated as a campground area, and that law will be enforced,” Lee added.

The crowd of demonstrators brought chairs, tables, and a few tents while state troopers watched. Despite Lee’s warning and a state law prohibiting camping on state property in undesignated areas, by 10 p.m. the protesters were not asked to leave.

This comes as Seattle grapples with a “police-free” autonomous zone encompassing six blocks of the city’s downtown.

Known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), the region reportedly is run by a rapper-turned warlord named Raz Simonel, who patrols the streets with an AK-47 and handgun and was caught on tape beating a man for graffiti.

The revolutionaries took over the area after the Seattle Police Department abandoned the precinct there. Police currently will not go into the area, which is protected from outside entry by barricades and armed guards, except for urgent 911 calls.

Law-enforcement officers have received reports from within CHAZ of extortion against local business owners. Police have also noted that the situation has made it difficult to respond to robberies and rape taking place within the six blocks. This has prompted neighbors of the autonomous zone to hire private security to look after their residences and businesses.

State and local leadership have treated the matter lightly, with both Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) pushing back against President Trump’s vow to restore order to the Emerald City if they fail to do so.

Insee initially even claimed to know nothing about the situation, while Durkan said CHAZ is less an armed insurrection and “more like a block party.”

Perhaps in an effort to reduce the threat of federal government intervention, CHAZ leaders rebranded their zone over the weekend as the Capitol Hill Occupied (or Organized) Protest, or CHOP.

“This is not an autonomous zone. We are not trying to secede from the United States,” one protester, Maurice Cola, said in a video published to Twitter on Saturday.

CHAZ/CHOP has published a list of demands, described as “no simple request to end police brutality. We demand that the City Council and the Mayor, whoever that may be, implement these policy changes for the cultural and historic advancement of the City of Seattle, and to ease the struggles of its people.”

These demands include the abolition of the Seattle Police Department “and the attached Criminal Justice Apparatus,” which includes existing pensions for Seattle Police.

“At an equal level of priority we also demand that the city disallow the operations of ICE in the city of Seattle,” the CHAZ/CHOP document adds.

“In the transitionary period between now and the dismantlement of the Seattle Police Department, we demand that the use of armed force be banned entirely,” it continues. “No guns, no batons, no riot shields, no chemical weapons, especially against those exercising their First Amendment right as Americans to protest.”

In one of the most extreme demands, the insurrectionists want a “retrial of all People of Color currently serving a prison sentence for violent crime, by a jury of their peers in their community.” They also desire the “abolition of imprisonment” and that “hospitals and care facilities of Seattle employ black doctors and nurses specifically to help care for black patients.”

The CHAZ document refers to the current movement enveloping the nation as the “George Floyd Rebellion.”

“Rebellion” is right. What the mainstream media fails to point out is that this is not a protest, but a Marxist revolution playing out right before our eyes. Political leaders would do well to follow the “no tolerance” strategy vocalized (if not entirely followed through on) by Tenneessee’s Bill Lee if they want to preserve any semblance of law, order, and republicanism.

Luis Miguel is a marketer and writer whose journalistic endeavors shed light on the Deep State, the immigration crisis, and the enemies of freedom. Follow his exploits on Facebook, TwitterBitchute, and at luisantoniomiguel.com.

Courtesy of The New American