Teen Clothing Trends of Summer 2019

Teen Clothing Trends of Summer 2019

By Sophie Lee

Summer is the best season for fashion to get crazy, wild, and fun. Music festivals start up again and the quest to be new and unique is always a fun sight to see. With more and more 90’s trends like the shoulder bag or the Birkenstock coming back, vintage-inspired outfits can be seen everywhere. Today, we break down the top five trends for the summer. 

  1. The White Sneakers

Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX via Nike 

courtesy of @pelagiafin
courtesy of @pelagiafin

Fila Disruptors II  Premium via Foot Locker

White sneakers give a clean, effortless touch to any outfit, and pair well with everything. With chunky Fila Disruptors or the simple Nike Air Force 1’s, there are various styles of white sneakers to match any style. Pair it with jeans for a casual outing, or with a dress for a cute date look. Finding shoes to match your outfit has never been easier than with white sneakers this summer!


  1. The Crop Top




Frill Trim Crop Shirred Top via Romwe









MintPink Laurel Top via PacSun




Crop tops have become popular again in the past few years. They appeared in the 1940’s, but didn’t reach the height of their popularity until the 70’s and 80’s. This occurred due to the rise of the “hippie” movement in the 1970’s. Their versatility in styles makes it easy to dress up and down. Instagrammers and celebrities are seen wearing crop tops to award shows, music festivals, and on the red carpet. Pair a crop top with a miniskirt, sheer jacket, or dress pants for a more sophisticated, formal look. Recently, the popularity of crop tops has led to two-piece prom dresses. 


  1. The Oversized T-Shirt

Fresh As Bel Air Oversized T-Shirt – Black via FashionNova







Nirvana Unplugged T-Shirt Dress via Urban Outfitters







Oversized t-shirts give the illusion of a put together outfit rather than just slipping on a random shirt. You can easily tuck them into a pair of shorts or jeans for a casual look, or wear it as a dress for an effortless summer outfit. The older band tees are seen everywhere on the streets. This cute, “basic” look perfectly defines the summer days where one can go on trips to the beach with friends. 

  1. The Midi Dress

Garden Date Red Orange Floral Print Ruffle Midi Dress via Lulus







Confetti Pocket Print Knot Cuff Shirt Dress via SHEIN







The vintage theme for the past few years in the fashion industry has made a come back for the popular patterns of the 90’s. Midi dresses are the classic outfits of summer and always gives an elegant vibe to anyone’s style. They give the appearance of sexy, sweet, feisty, etc. Gingham and plaid have also come back as several fashion blogger’s favorite patterns. The midi dress is perfect for a picnic date or a summer photoshoot in a flower field. You can dress casually with a jean jacket and some sneakers or go more formal with heels or sandals. For the little details of any outfit, accessorize with dangly earrings and a necklace. 


  1. The “Mom” Jean 

John Galt Medium Wash Straight Leg Jeans via PacSun







Vintage Stretch Ultra High-Rise Paper-Bag Mom Jeans via Hollister








The Mom jean is great for everyday wear. They aren’t too tight so that you can continue your day comfortably without a worry. These jeans are the perfect mixture of the skinny jeans during the early 2000’s and bootcut jeans of the 1980’s. Tuck an oversized shirt in for a cute outfit to go to an amusement park. To dress these jeans up, simply wear a frilly crop top and accessorize. Mom jeans are the best to wear when you feel like you have “nothing” to wear. Plus they’re perfect for a night out when it’s still slightly chilly. 

Will you wear any of the trends above? Which one is your favorite. Comment below to let us know.